Birth Certificate Attestation

Attestation of Birth certificate in UAE is the process in which the document goes through several embassies and entities for verification. Any certificate that is issued outside UAE’s borders needs to be validated by proper authorities prior to it being considered legal for official use within the country.

A birth certificate has to be attested in the issuing country as well as in the UAE. At Notary Public Dubai, our team of attestation specialists has decades of combined experience within the industry and they have helped in the attestation of tens of thousands of certificates throughout the years. Our experts Certificate & Document Attestation services in Dubai & UAE will make your documents legal in UAE.

Take note: attestation of birth certificates in Dubai, UAE is mandated for all those who are born outside the UAE who plan on getting a resident visa or student visa in UAE.

Requirements for UAE Birth Certificate Attestation

The documents that our team will help you compile and furnish to every single department concerned in the attestation of birth certificates for use in UAE are as follows:

  • Original birth certificate that is issued by authority in a specific country
  • Birth certificate certified true copies
  • Copies of the passports and residence visas of parents of child

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When to Acquire Attestation Service in UAE

There are a lot of cases wherein attestation of birth certificate  is a requirement. If a child has been born within UAE, then birth certificate is not needed unless it will use his or her certificate in other foreign countries. For those who were born outside of UAE, certificate of birth attestation is necessary. It is often for:

  • School admission in UAE
  • Application of visa for a child
  • Migration purposes
  • Changes in name required by college or school
  • Changes in name of adult living in UAE

Our team goes through the process of different local authorities for verifying a birth certificate. The following are the general steps although they can vary, depending on a lot of factors such as the issuing country and the use of the birth certificate.

  • Step 1: verification by a notary public in Dubai.
  • Step 2: attestation in the issuing country’s Ministry of Foreign or External Affairs.
  • Step 3: apostille or attestation from home country’s embassy.
  • Step 4: attestation with the Ministry or Department of Foreign Affairs in UAE if the document will be used within the country.
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Common Questions on Certificate of Birth Attestation UAE

How will information I've supplied be used?

We keep records of attestations only for a maximum period of six weeks as per the requirement of the law. Local authorities expect records to be used only for workplace safety and contact tracing. Any information supplied to our attestation experts will be stored locally as well. They’re not required in being reported onto UAE health authorities unless required in informing regarding contact tracing in case of an active outbreak.

How will a document attestation impact my document or what is its effects?

Attestation of Birth certificate will only certify the public document’s origin onto which it relates. The whole process will certify the signatures that are in the document and their authenticity. Instead of signatures, this may also be the seal of the authority or person added onto the public document.

Why do some birth certificates require attestation while others need apostille?

A document may need the Authentication certification or apostille, depending on the state or country in which the document has to be furnished. Countries across the globe are divided onto 2 categories. The states that are signatures to Hague Convention needs to have an Apostille seal. As for countries that aren’t part of Hague Convention, they’re only required in following the process of authentication. We suggest you talk to our experts for more information and to get advice specific to your unique situation.

What do I have to do to have my documents attested?

With the help of our team, you won’t have to lift a finger in having your documents attested. We’ll do all the legwork in getting your document certified basing on the details that you supply us. As soon as we’ve received the documents that are required in starting the attestation process, we will instantly initiate the attestation and provide you with updates from time to time until its completion.