Private Notary Services in Dubai

If you have documents that have to be apostilled or legalized in Dubai, our team can liaise with the appropriate consulate or embassy on your behalf. Most documents that have to be notarized are for official registries, courts, lawyers, and use abroad. At Notary public Dubai, we serve clients by notarizing and attesting documents and handling the tedious process of having documents legally approved.

Our private notary Dubai team understands all the steps that are involved in different transactions and the fact that time and speed are of the essence with most of them.

For that reason, we’ve made our private notary services mobile. Our team is available any time, regardless if it is day or night, in order to provide ‘At Home or Office’ notary services. We’re dedicated to provide fast and efficient private notary services in Dubai, so transactions are carried out without delays or hitches.

Foreign individuals and companies with establishments within the country looking at sealing and closing certain dealings or contracts can benefit from our notary services. The authentication of signatures and attestation of documents are involved in nearly all transactions in UAE; therefore, you need to seek the help of seasoned professionals for document legalization. With our private notary services, we seek to address the unique needs and requirements of clients while keeping them informed throughout all the steps of the process.

Our Notary services include:

  • Preparation and authentication of powers of attorney for overseas use;
  • Authentication of foreign wills and other documents in dealing with owning property abroad or estate administration for people abroad;
  • Authentication of personal information and documents for immigration purposes or to marry or apply for work abroad, such as professional or educational qualifications;
  • Authentication of business transactions and documents or providing certificates with respect to a company’s status or the directors’ identity

Our private notary Dubai team is familiar with the procedures and requirements of different embassies. If you have questions regarding our notary services in UAE, contact us for a free initial consultation with our lawyers!

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