Degree Certificate Attestation UAE

Educational degree certificates or academic certificates are used in certifying certificate holders have received a certain level of education or have passed a series of examinations. Educational degree certificates, if issued from different jurisdictions outside the UAE, are to be attested in order for them to be legal in UAE. An educational or academic that is issued by a uni, school or any educational institution has to certify that a certain educational certificate was indeed issued by them. Other authorities that have to certify the authenticity of a document such as a degree certificate include public notaries, issuing country’s embassy or consulate, and UAE Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs.

At Notary Public Dubai, we offer the following attestation services for educational certificates:

  • Degree certificate attestation in UAE (BA, BBA, Btech, etc)
  • Post graduation certificate attestation in UAE
  • Diploma certificate attestation in UAE
  • SSLC certificate attestation in UAE

Degree certificate attestation in UAE, with the help of our attestation team, allows applicants to prove their certificate’s authenticity regardless of which country a certificate originated from.

Reasons Why Educational Certificates Need Attestation

Some common reasons as to why educational certificates go through attestation service in UAE are as follows:

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Our process

Degree Certificate Attestation Process

Degree certificate attestation in UAE is a service that we provide, which we handle for our clients from start to finish. Our team of attestation experts can attest degrees from over sixty countries across the globe. Here is how our specialists carry out attestation of degrees in UAE:

  • Review and consultation – we will request copies of your documents, so we are able to verify the accuracy of details that are in the degree. We will then identify and provide you with the scope of the attestation service, associated cost, and the timeframe for the attestation process.

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Why Choose US

Why Choose Us

We are the go-to attestation team of thousands of individuals and businesses not only in UAE, but across the globe for a lot of reasons such as the following:

  • Competitive pricing – we strive in maintaining a competitive price for our educational attestation service in UAE so our clients receive the best value.

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