Medical Certificate Attestation

Medical certificate is a written declaration from a medical professional confirming patient attending a medical test. In some parts of the planet, it is also labeled as sick report. Your medical certificate should be attested in UAE if you have taken the test outside UAE’s jurisdiction. The attestation process involves verification from several institutions which provide stamps or seals to the document in order to prove the authenticity.

At Notary  Public Dubai, our attestation team comprises of seasoned legal consultants to help clients attest their medical certificates which are often used for:

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Documents Required

In order to process the medical certificate attestation in UAE, the following documents are required:

  • Original passport and copies (passport must have relevant pages and residence visa page)
  • Two recent photographs (colored and passport size)
  • Letter from a reputable medical center or hospital
  • Valid medical certificate that is issued by a known hospital or clinic

Take note: The documents mentioned above are also required in getting a medical visa in UAE

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Our Process of Medical Certificate Attestation

There are a lot of steps that our attestation team has to follow in order to implement a proper attestation of a medical certificate. It also involves several different institutions and countries. The process in getting a medical certificate properly attested by various entities involves the following:

Private Notary Attestation
This is an absolutely crucial step which has to be done prior to other kinds of verification for one medical certificate. A Private notary in UAE or in the issuing country of the medical certificate will have to perform the notary attestation and provide a stamp or signature on the document. A notary is a fundamental authority when it comes to a medical certificate authentication procedure. Notary attestation is also required for attestation of other documents such as educational certificates or diplomas and marriage contracts.

Home Department Attestation

A medical certificate has to be verified by the country’s Home Department. Other personal documents will be requested by the local authority before they provide their signature or stamp.

Ministry of External or Foreign Affairs Attestation

The ministry will provide its stamp for a medical certificate that went through the verification processes of the aforementioned authorities. This step is also mandatory, most especially for medical certificates. The ministry is a prime department which looks after a state’s foreign issues.
Embassy Attestation

The process of embassy attestation is performed by embassy of document’s issuing country that is based in UAE. This may be the final step if there is no need for legal translation of relevant documents.
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Reliable, secure, and fast attestation services

Reliable, Secure, and Fast Attestation Services

At Notary Public Dubai, our team is capable of handling personal and corporate documents and getting them through the proper process of attestation for submission in any foreign country. For decades, we’ve served individuals and corporations alike that need their documents certified from several different foreign embassies and by state and local authorities.

Whenever you need the assurance that a document of yours is being processed in a manner that is applicable as per the government authorities’ regulations, our team will be of help.

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