Marriage Certificate Attestation UAE

If you are married overseas or outside UAE and you are required in going through marriage certificate attestation for UAE, then read on. Prior to your marriage license or certificate that was issued abroad recognized in UAE, document attestation is a must. At Notary Public Dubai, we’ve assisted thousands of clients over the past two decades with the attestation process, including marriage attestation for UAE. As the go-to firm of businesses and individuals whenever there’s a need for legalization of documents for use within UAE, our service is backed by the experience and expertise of our seasoned professionals.

Why it’s Important to Attest the Marriage certificate UAE?

The document attestation procedure, particularly marriage license attestation for UAE, certifies the document’s authenticity. When a certificate is attested by all concerned authorities, it will be recognized as valid for use. For instance, if you were married in India and you wish the marriage to be legal in UAE, you’ll have to undergo marriage certificate attestation prior to local authorities accepting it and considering the document as legal and authentic.

It’s very important to remember that there are a couple of situations wherein there is no need of marriage certificate attestation. This is why it is best to talk to our attestation team, as requirements and regulations differ depending on the issuing country of the document, use of the document, and nationality of the couple among others.

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 marriage certificate attestation UAE

Is there another term used for the process of attestation?

There are a couple of different names or terms which are used in describing document attestation. Other countries label attestation as document legalization or authentication. There is also the word, apostille, which is frequently used. If you have been instructed to apostille or legalize the marriage certificate that you have which is issued by your home country, what you’ll be doing is going through the attestation process.

Process & Requirements for marriage certificate attestation in Dubai UAE

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Marriage certificate attestation in Dubai UAE

Why Choose Us

  • Genuine apostille – unlike most service providers of marriage attestation, we don’t use a third party service! Our document attestation services are implemented by our team of experts which are based across the globe. Your document will be processed personally by our staff, and have it reviewed and attested by different government entities.
  • UAE based – as our main office is in the UAE, we know exactly what the local rules and regulations are when it comes to attesting documents for use in the country.

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