Certificate Attestation

Certificate attestation for UAE is the process in which an official certificate issued by any foreign public authority, is rendered valid and legal in the eyes of the UAE law. Here in Notary Public Dubai, we have a team of certificate attestation specialists who can help you in attesting any certificate. We can help in handling the attestation process of different kinds of documents.
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Attestation for Marriage and Birth Certificates

If you’re sponsoring your spouse and kids, then the marriage certificate attestation for UAE and birth certificate attestation are required. Our team will help you in compiling the requirements to proceed, which include the originals and copies that are retrieved from registries. National IDs will also be needed.

Attestation for Educational Certificates

If you’re planning on working or living in UAE, then you’ll be required by local authorities and your employer to have your degree certificate properly attested. In the event that you don’t have a bachelor’s degree certificate, any highest qualification certificate or diploma certificate can be attested, depending on the work or job that you plan on taking up within the country.

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Certificate Attestation Experts in UAE

For every attestation job that’s given to us, we undertake the following:

  • Compilation and review of application and requirements
  • Confirmation of validity of the document and analysis regarding attestation of document as per client’s requirement or need
  • Provision of a comprehensive proposal for attestation
  • Processing of attestation or verification from different ministries
  • Regular updates on the process
  • Delivery of the attested document

Attestation services our team can assist you with:

  • Foreign Educational Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Diploma Certificate attestation
  • Foreign BTech Certificate attestation
  • Foreign Nursing Certificate attestation
  • Foreign PHD Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign MBA Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign M Ed Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Experience Certificate
  • Foreign Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Death Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign PCC Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation
  • Commercial Document Attestation
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Board Resolution
  • Agency Agreements
  • Power of Attorney

Why Choose Us for the procedure for attestation of certificates for UAE

  • Reliability – our team is comprised of seasoned professionals and you can most definitely count on them to be there and to help you when you are in need of their assistance. Through the years, we have had thousands of satisfied and happy clients that rely on our guidance since our inception way back over twenty years ago. A lot of our customers come back to us also as we have experts that are honest, dependable, and trustworthy. Also, our team arrives promptly to a scheduled appointment!
  • Knowledge – at the firm, our team isn’t only knowledgeable but they also have the wisdom as they’ve been in the industry for over two decades. Our team’s Indepth expertise on the services that we provide make us the number one choice of clients looking into legalizing their papers for UAE. No job is very simple, complex, small or big for us. Through the many years that we have been operating in the industry, we’ve already seen all every possible scenario that can happen with attesting different types of documents. We will handle your requirements not only with care, but with accuracy and efficiency.

If you want to know more, call us today and have a quick chat with our team or schedule a consultation!