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Offering high-standard notary services in Dubai and other emirates of UAE that suit the needs and requirements of clients,
Notary Public Dubai, a subsidiary company of HHS Lawyers work with seasoned lawyers and legal consultants who have clear
understanding on all legal processes involved in attestation and legalization of personal/corporate documents and transactions.

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Memorandum of Association

The attestation of this important corporate document confirms that it’s authentic and issued by a specific company. We notarize annulmentof Association for a single shareholder company, amendment of Memorandum of Association for a single shareholder, LLC Memorandum of Association, annulment of LLC Memorandum of Association, Joint Liability Company Memorandum of Association, annulment to Joint Liability Company Memorandum of Association, Civil Company Memorandum of Association, Annulment of Civil Company Memorandum of Association, Amendment to Limited Liability Company Memorandum of Association, Amendment to Joint Liability Company Memorandum of Association, and Amendment to Civil Works Company Memorandum of Association.More about Memorandum of Association

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) grants a person the power over the assets, real estate transactions, medical decisions, or legal decision making of a person issuing the legally binding document. In order to execute a power of attorney, it has to be notarized with the help of experts who can provide guidance throughout the signing process and acknowledgements.
Our legal team processes the notarization of General and Limited Powers of Attorney for vehicles, real estate, establishing new businesses, business management, inheritance, granted land, PRO or follow up activities, lawyer for disputes, labor and employment, real estate rental dispute, immigration use, trademark registration, and heirs certification.
More about Power of Attorney

Academy Certificate

We certify true copies of academic certificates issued locally or overseas, including transfer certificates, certificates issued from high schools,higher secondary, O levels, and A level. If a primary document is not in Arabic, it has to be translated by professionals and the certificate of accuracy issued by experts has to be attached to the translated document with a copy of the educational certificate.More about Academy Certificate


The lawyers and legal consultants of the firm bear witness to the authenticity of declarations, including declaration of no competition, declarationof residency, declaration of POA cancellation with the presence of both attorney and principal, declaration of visitor guarantor, declaration of debt, cash receipt declaration, declaration for the sale of a marine vehicle, declaration of waiver a case, declaration of a waiver a complaint, declaration of assigning shares, declaration of intellectual right assignment, and declaration of trust deed.More about Declaration

Minutes of Liquidating a Company

We also provide attestation of the minutes used in recording the proceedings with respect to the commencement of a company liquidation or Minutes to the general meeting of shareholders discussing the powers of the liquidator, division of any surplus, and renumeration of liquidator have to be duly attested as required by local legislation. We also provide attestation for Minutes of Meeting, and Minutes of General Assembly Meeting Liquidation of LLC.More about Minutes of Liquidating a Company

Agreement of Assigning Shares

A stock assignment agreement is the transfer of ownership of stock shares. It occurs when one party legally transfers their shares or stocks to party or to a business. We carry out the attestation of the agreement for the transfer of shares ownership and execution of the legal transfer to a business or another party. We also duly attest agreement of assigning shares and addendum of amendment, agreement of selling shares and company dissolution, agreement of the sale of shares, agreement of sale of shares and addendum of amendment, agreement of selling a commercial shop, agreement of gifting shares, agreement of selling a vessel, and agreement of selling a boat.More about Agreement of Assigning Shares

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Legal notice

Legal notice

Legal notices provide notification to parties of a legal process that affects their duties, rights, or obligations. We provide legal notice attestation to be handed over by notifier or carrier and legal notice for cancellation of power of attorney.
Legally approved documents are incredibly important; however, they are extremely difficult to acquire without the help of experts. At Notary Public Dubai, we understand how crucial it is to have documents notarized efficiently and quickly at short notice. The firm has presence in Dubai, Sharjah, and the rest of the emirates.

Additionally, we also provide mobile notary services. This means there is no need to visit any of our offices as we can come to your home or office. Our main objective with this initiative is to make notary services available and more convenient for residents and businesses in Dubai, Sharjah Take note: we provide notary services wherever you are in the country.

The extensive experience of our lawyers and legal consultants in liaising with different government agencies, embassies, and consulates allows us in providing cost-effective notarial services to private individuals, local businesses, and international corporations. We serve our clients with notary services and processes that are designed to be efficient, fast, and as simple and easy for clients as possible.

Our job as a Private Notary is to prevent fraud and guarantee that individuals execute records properly and openly. Our clients depend upon us on the legalization of essential records. Post witnessing a document’s signing, we apply our own details as means of authenticating and verifying the transaction. With our legal official seal on reports, that signifies a trusted notary has approved the authenticity of documents and legitimate execution.
The firm is available seven days a week for notarization and attestation, and is capable of advising clients on the different processes for the legalization of documents from different countries. Being an established law firm for over three decades, we’ll help ensure you receive assistance of the highest quality.

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Private Notary Dubai is licensed and authorized by the UAE Government for witnessing powers of attorney, wills, affidavits, statutory declarations, seal or signature on a declaration or form, and certifying and verifying copies of documents or parts of documents. Our team of seasoned and trusted lawyers and legal consultants carry out the attestation and notarization of documents for clients. Call us TODAY to book an appointment with our lawyers and legal consultants! and find

More about Registered notary near me

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