What is Mobile Notary and Its Benefits

What are Mobile Notaries?

According to the National Notary Association, notary publics are officials of integrity that are appointed by the government in order to serve the general public as impartial witnessing in conducting various official fraud-deterrent activities that are related to signing important documents. 

Official acts are referred to as notarial acts or notarizations. A notary is commissioned publicly to follow certain rules without exercising significant personal discretion being ministerial officials. 

The job of a notary public Dubai  is to act as a witness in the signing of different legal documentation as mentioned earlier. A notary public is also the one authorized in confirming the identities of persons that sign documents. It can’t offer legal advice and prepare legal documents that it will authorize. The offices that would deal with documents that require a notarization from a notary public include lenders, health care providers, insurance brokers, law offices, and auto dealerships and they are the ones that often use notary services. It’s not feasible for most to utilize the services of a notary public on a daily basis, which is why mobile notaries are invaluable. 

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How Will a Mobile Public Notary be Able to Help?

Most people residing in the UAE would need the services of a public notary once or twice as it’s mandatory for a lot of transactions. Legal documents are also required to be notarized. Retaining the services of a public notary even if you rarely need it does not make sense. Also, finding a reputable public notary is time-consuming, most especially if one is needed within a short notice. If you want the most convenience when notarizing documents, you would want to hire a mobile notary. 

A mobile notary can travel to where you are and on a time that’s most suitable for you. The services of a mobile notary public can help you save precious money and time. Mobile notaries are often available around the clock, including holidays and weekends. 

Benefits of a Dubai Mobile Notary 

Efficient and convenient transactions 

Going to the office of a public notary can be a hassle to most people living in the UAE as they lead busy lives. Traffic can also be very frustrating, especially if there are lots of congested areas near the place of business of the notary. Rather than spending travel time just to get to a public notary’s office, a mobile notary will visit you wherever you are in the country. Your time is better spent on professional or personal tasks, and mobile notaries recognize this. 

Additionally, mobile notaries are able to work with the schedule of your choosing. Most notary public offices are closed on weekends and in the evening. A notary public that offers mobile services can make arrangements even an afterhours visit. 

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As mentioned earlier, a lot of mobile notaries in UAE do not maintain the traditional business hours. They’re retaining professionals that will be able to make themselves available for you when you need documents signed, regardless of whether it’s 9 am or pm. This provides you with the ability to meet deadlines as your documents are signed as soon as possible. Even in an emergency situation, a mobile notary will be able to deliver – yes, even the drafting of a will at the last minute. 

The flexibility that a mobile notary offers is also great in ordinary circumstances like in cases wherein the parties need to sign documents that are not in the normal business hours as they have business to attend to. Mobile notaries for hire lend the flexibility people need for notarization. A mobile notary can also take a document and take it several different locations in order to witness the signing of different parties. A mobile notary can also gather required parties on a single location in order to make the notarization more convenient for all those involved. 

Eliminate location limitations 

All parties are to be present whenever a document is signed. A notary public also has to verify the identities of signatories to a document which proves to be very hard under certain circumstances. Mobile notaries are the ideal solution. 

With mobile notaries, a suitable location can be arranged in order to accommodate the needs of parties involved. For instance, transportation may be tough for the bed-ridden individuals that need to sign to execute powers of attorney or estate planning documents. Mobile notaries can be on site even at the hospital or in a center for assisted living in order to perform the notarization. 

With the ease of processing the notarization of documents, there is no longer any reason left not to opt for this option. Notarizing documents no longer have to involve stress and hassle on your end. A mobile notary can simply come to your location. A professional maintains the same exact training and credentials as public notaries, so you are able to avoid fraud and execute documents properly. Call us today for inquiries regarding mobile notary services in UAE