Comprehensive Guide on Declaration of Complaint in UAE

Declaration of complaint or complaint letters are effective in resolving issues that pertain to poor customer service experiences, bad products, or problems that have the potential in leading to legal proceedings. 

In the UAE, declarations of compliant are utilized when responding or filing to motions in local courts. Information that are in the declarations help a judge in making a decision regarding a motion. Parties usually don’t get a lot of time for speaking during hearings on a motion. There are even instances wherein it is not possible to testify. All the details that a judge has to know in order to arrive to a conclusion or decision for a hearing will be in declarations, including a declaration of complaint. 

Is there a need for me to write a declaration of complaint in UAE?

If you’re a respondent or petitioner to a case, you can employ a law firm in Dubai to write a declaration of complaint. The legal document can help with the following:

  • tell your perspective, experience, or side of the whole story 
  • give the required information 
  • explain requests you may have 
  • respond to the declaration of complaint of another legal entity 

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What should I include in a declaration of complaint in UAE? 

It will depend on the subject or what a motion is all about. In general, a declaration of complaint provides a chance to provide important facts for a motion. For instance, if you need a declaration of complaint for parenting, the complainant and the partial witness can write about any or all of the following:

  • Special needs a specific child has 
  • Times that each parent has seen the child 
  • Relationship of a parent and his or her interactions with a child 
  • Living situation of the parent and if it’s appropriate for a child 
  • Problem issues that affect a child or party such as domestic violence, criminal behavior, neglect, child abuse, drug and/or alcohol use, or a mental health issue 
  • Dependability and truthfulness of the parent complained about and if he or she can be entrusted in caring for a child 
  • What has been heard of the parent saying in front or to a child regarding the other parent 
  • Which parent is making the meals of the child and takes the child to the doctor’s appointments, and so on

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What other documents required to make a declaration?

In writing a declaration of complaint, no other document can be shown to a legal advocate in Dubai. As a declaration should be notarized in UAE, a public notary in Dubai will be asking for the personal identification papers of the person signing the complaint. When filing the declaration of complaint to authorities, that is when other documents are to be attached. Depending on the purpose of the complaint, attachments can include other declarations, treatment or medical records, school records, and copies of bills. 

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What are important points to remember when making a declaration of complaint in UAE?

  • Keep a declaration of complaint as clear and concise as possible. Hire a lawyer or legal consultant in Dubai so you can stick to all of the main points. Make sure that the most important points are stated first. The less important ones can be added in the last part of the declaration. This is because a judge doesn’t want to be reading anything that’s unrelated to a motion. 
  • A declaration of complaint has to be based on the personal knowledge of the complainant (what was experienced or seen firsthand), and not what another person has told you. 
  • Explain how you are connected to the party being complained about. 
  • The declaration of complaint has to be typed neatly in dark blue or black ink. Whenever a declaration of complaint in UAE is hard to read, a judge won’t read it. 
  • Always make sure that you are specific and avoid general statements like “she’s a bad mother.” Describe the specific things. Say where and when things happened. 
  • There are local courts that limit the pages that you can give to a court with your motion. You can ask a legal advocate in Dubai or a public notary in Dubai regarding regulations on declarations of complaint in UAE. 
  • Attach extra pages or documents to a declaration of complaint should you need a lot more space. Don’t go over a page limit set by authorities for declarations of complaint. A writer of a declaration has to date and sign the document after the line: “I declare under the penalty of perjury…” The extra pages should have at least an inch of margin. Number the pages of the declaration at the bottom. 
  • Make use of headings in organizing a declaration of complaint. It will make it easier for a judge to find a subject. Remember to take time in organizing your ideas should you write your own declaration of complaint. 
  • Tell your side to a story. When you’re responding to the motion of another party, respond to major points that are in the declaration of the other party. 

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