Online Procedure for Power of Attorney (POA) Notarization in the UAE

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, more firms are being compelled to operate remotely, and some federal and state governments are working swiftly to enable entirely online operations to keep enterprises running.

Public notaries have also proposed the idea of providing online services to clients who require them, so that individuals may continue to get services even during these difficult times. As an integral element of court, the remote notaries have proclaimed public services that allow individuals to conduct their transactions online rather than come before the notary public in person, as previously requested. There are also certain crucial guidelines for signing and notarizing papers in front of Dubai’s private notaries. Anybody from UK, Pakistan, India, Philippines or anywhere in the world may now make use of the UAE’s online POA service.

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which one person transfers the right to perform or the power to transact in matters relating to property, banking, legal and judicial proceedings, and so on to another person for a variety of reasons such as being out of the country, growing old, or being unable to handle one’s responsibilities in those areas, among others. A power of attorney is a written legal instrument in which one person, referred to as the donor or principle, authorizes another person, referred to as the donee, attorney, or agent, to act on his behalf.

Private Notary in Dubai

The Dubai Court has granted permission to a group of local attorneys known as private notaries to provide specialized notarization services.

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What documents can be notarized online?

This list includes almost every type of document that a Public Notary may notarize. Sale and purchase agreements for nearly all types of assets, papers linked to commercial enterprises, job offers, acknowledgements and commitments, mortgage transactions, and assignment agreements are all examples of such documents. Private notarization follows a similar set of procedures and criteria as public notarization. 

How Power of Attorney UAE works?

A Power of Attorney (POA) Dubai has been made accessible for authorization in the UAE using video conferencing. Whether you are outside the UAE or are seeking a POA from your lawyer, family member or friend, it may be done remotely today if the individual who attends the video conference is identified by presenting the officer his ID in the cam. As a result, creating a Power of Attorney  and authorizing a person in the UAE through video-conferencing is now possible. Whether you’re in the UAE or overseas, you may now grant a POA to a lawyer, family member, or friend by identifying the person attending the video conference by displaying his ID in the camera to the officer.

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The Online POA Process and Requirements

The public notaries connected with Dubai Courts have created an online system that may facilitate the execution of Powers of Attorney during the shutdown period caused by the COVID-19 epidemic (corporate and personal). The execution procedure is straightforward, involving email correspondence, video calls through the official video conferencing software (BOTIM), and courier services. The Dubai public notary’s current notarization procedure is as follows:

Preparation of POA

The first thing you should do is create your Power of Attorney UAE. It is, without a doubt, the most critical phase. Your POA must be written in a clear, professional manner and accurately reflects your circumstances. This method reduces the likelihood of a POA being rejected by third parties and/or government agencies at a later point, saving you time and money. provides POA drafting services and allows you to order your POA online from the convenience of your own home.

Online Requirements for POA notarization

Step 1: The applicant will send an email requesting notarization and attaching all essential papers to the transaction.

The following information must be included in the email:

  1. Name of applicant; 
  2. personal phone number of the applicant;
  3. detailed address of the applicant; 
  4. documents to be notarized* (signed in PDF version); 
  5. Emirates ID (copy); 
  6. All other essential documentation (if the document to be notarized is a corporate instrument).

Step 2: The notary person assigned to the transaction reviews the documents.

Step 3: If the transaction is approved, the notary representative will contact the applicant via the BOTIM app, requesting that he or she verify his or her eligibility and personal capacity and present his or her Emirates ID card, confirmation of the transaction, and the document submitted for notarization.

Step 4: After the applicant’s identification has been verified, he or she will get an SMS containing the transaction’s payment link.

Step5: The notary will complete the transaction and print the notarized documents as soon as the payment is verified. The documents will be forwarded to the address provided by the applicant in step 1 through a Dubai Courts-approved courier.

Step 6: After the transaction is completed, the applicant will get the notarized documents within two business days. The applicant must pay a courier delivery cost of about AED 21. It is to be noted that Originals are no longer provided to the applicant by courier. All paperwork is completed as electronically issued documents and emailed to the applicants.

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Power of Attorney Dubai UAE Other Requirements:

  1. The POA will be granted in Arabic and English if the translation is completed by a qualified translator who will stamp the dual text or just in Arabic if the applicant requests it. 
  2. The authorization and attestation of the appropriate nation’s embassy or consulate and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs are necessary if the POA will be used in a country other than the UAE. 
  3. The Ministry of Justice must also verify the translation if it is to be used in another country.

From POA preparation to remote notarization support, Notary public Dubai is a professional firm that can help you complete a Power of Attorney entirely online. Whether you need a POA for personal reasons, real estate, an automobile, or a business, we handle all types of POA. Contact one of our consultants right now to have your POA ready as soon as possible.