How to Give Authority in Transferring Property Ownership Using UAE Power of Attorney

If you are unable to handle the transfer of ownership for a property on your own for any reason, you can give another person the authority in helping you manage the task through a (POA) power of attorney in UAE. Here’s how:

Step 1: Make the Legal Document.

Include language that offers the person you are assigning, which is referred to as the agent, in transferring the property that you own in the document. Make sure you are very specific in the legal document regarding what your assigned agent will be able to transfer for you. If you want to utilize a general power of attorney in giving your agent a broad range of powers, you can but you must include power or authority in transferring property like real estate with a title or deed. 

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Step 2: Check with the Local Authorities Regarding Regulations on the Transfer of Property Ownership. 

Check with the local authorities, like the Real Estate Regulatory Authority in the case of real estate, for specific requirements on the sale or transfer of ownership of real estate. There are local authorities that have a form which is to be used. If the authorities provide more requirements, make sure you follow directions in completing it. 

Step 3: Provide the Agent with the Original Document and Copies and Have him/her Sign Them. 

If you are transferring property immediately, then the agent has to be given the deed or title immediately. If you expect to transfer property at a much later date, then make sure your assigned agent knows where the deed or title can be taken from. 

As soon as you’re ready for the ownership transfer, the agent should sign on your behalf. The agent should sign in any of the two ways: Sumitra Nair, agent for Babar or Sumitra Nair under a Property Power of Attorney. The agent has to bring a copy of the POA document wherever it is needed. The agent can also attach copies of the POA to a deed or title. The latter is advised. 

Step 4: Make Sure the Agent Attends the Closing of the Property Ownership Transfer.

Make sure that the agent has the POA document and deed in the time of the closing. The agent or the buyer can file the new title with the local authorities, as needed. 

As soon as you have decided in transferring property which comes with a deed or title to whomever, have the agent transfer the property on your behalf.

Take note: It is best to involve a legal consultant with a real estate closing. An agent that you have assigned will be able to transfer ownership of a vehicle but not real estate without the assistance of an attorney. 

Power of Attorney Specialists in UAE

By following all the steps that we have mentioned above, you will be able to experience ease and success with any type of property ownership transfer. Certain kinds of property like vehicles and real estate have titles and deed s which require a transfer to the buyer. If you want a trusted individual in handling the property ownership transfer for you, a UAE POA is definitely required. Among the duties of an agent can include helping the person giving power to transfer a title or deed. If you want to know more about power of attorney in UAE or how to notarize a power of attorney to make sure it is legal in the eyes of the law, don’t hesitate to contact us here in Notary Public Dubai!  

Is There Only One Kind of UAE Power of Attorney?

In UAE, there are many kinds of POA. If you plan on allowing an agent to transfer a title for you, the agent can be given limited authority through a special power of attorney. You may also provide a person durable or springing POA. For a durable UAE POA, it takes in effect instantly. Should you become unable to attend to your affairs due to incapacitation, your agent can still act for you under the durable POA. As for a springing POA, it can only become effective when the person assigning the power becomes incapacitated. 

How Can I Acquire a Power of Attorney?

If you are in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you have to be at least 21 years of age to create a power of attorney. The POA that is drafted by a legal professional will then be reviewed by a notary public in UAE in order to stamp the document as legal following the settling of any applicable attestation fee. If you want to know the process of notarizing a power of attorney in UAE, we suggest you consult with a reputable notary public.