Power of Attorney for Child Travel

A power of attorney for child travel gives consent for a second person to travel by plane or via sea route in company with a minor child. Both the child’s father and the child’s legal guardian must sign this power of attorney. The paperwork is usually needed by the airlines when a minor child is not travelling with at least one of the parents.

Child travel POA includes the following

  • Approval from the parent or legal guardian for the youngster to go with someone else.
  • Permits a second person to go with the minor child.
  • Travel across different nations.
  • The authority to speak on behalf of the parent before immigration and other government officials.

What is the Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal instrument that appoints another person the agent or attorney in fact to act on behalf of the principal. The document grants the agent the power to decide on a specific range of issues or a more comprehensive range of topics. The person chosen to carry out this function may sometimes be referred to as having “power of attorney.”

Power of Attorney for Child Travel: One of the Essential Requirements in the UAE

A Power of Attorney for Child Travel is required in the UAE. It is simply permission and power of attorney provided by a parent or guardian agreeing to a young child (under 21 years of age) travelling with another person. In case one parent travels with a child without the other parent. If a kid travels with an adult who is not the child’s parent or legal guardian, A Power of Attorney for Child Travel from parents or legal guardians is always required.

Why is Power of Attorney for Child Travel required while travelling?

In order to get the kid to travel with the person the parent or legal guardian has designated, this power of attorney includes the ability to represent the parent or guardian before the airlines and pertinent airport or seaport authorities.

Different Types of Power of Attorney 

In Dubai, POA falls into two primary categories: 

General Power of Attorney and Special. Power of Attorney.

To utilize the appropriate one, you must understand how these two vary.

General Power of Attorney

The appointed agent is given extensive authority in the General Power of Attorney. They have the authority to make decisions and take action about the principal’s broad legal and commercial issues. Typically, it may be utilized to make business decisions, purchase property, and stand in your place before government representatives. However, in the UAE, this document is not valid for selling cars, houses, or stock in corporations.

It does not imply that the agent has complete freedom despite being general. What is stated in the POA contract is still a constraint on them.

Special Power of attorney

Special Power of Attorney is more detailed. It may be restricted to a particular transaction or for a set period. It gives the agent special authority over a particular area. A specific POA can be created to sell automobiles, homes, or stock in corporations. This kind of POA often provides less risk to the grantor and is sufficient to carry out the necessary activity. If in doubt, go with a specific POA rather than a broad one to be safe.

In any scenario, it is critical to include specifics on the POA duties that need to be completed. If the relevant information is not included in the document, the third party could not accept the POA.

How to notarize a power of attorney under UAE law?

1. Preparation of a Draft

The draft of a power of attorney must be written either in English or Arabic or just in Arabic. A power of attorney should be carefully documented and contain all the authority the agent needs to act on the principal’s behalf. A power of attorney will be initially printed and presented to a notary for signature after it has been prepared.

2. Sign it before a notary

A power of attorney will be notarized at this phase, which involves visiting any notary public in UAE and having them sign the document. To sign or certify a power of attorney, the principal must personally appear before a notary public; the agent need not be present.

3. Adequately Stamped and Enter into Record

A power of attorney is adequately stamped and entered into the court’s records when the principal signs it, and two originals are given back to the principal. The agent can then begin utilizing the power of attorney after this is finished.

A notary public reviews the power of attorney once it has been written and customized to the particulars of the principal’s position and, following payment of the required certification fee, stamps it as a legal instrument.

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Second: Making a power of attorney signature outside of the UAE

A power of attorney must undergo certification and verification procedures in the country of origin and in the United Arab Emirates to be signed outside of the United Arab Emirates and utilized inside the UAE. Two stages come after this:

First stage: approval and validation in the country of origin

A power of attorney will first be processed outside the UAE before being brought there.

Before a notary public in the nation of residence, the principal must sign a power of attorney.

After a power of attorney has been signed before a notary public, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a comparable government agency in that nation will certify the instrument.

A power of attorney will ultimately be certified by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the resident nation. 

Second Stage: Power of Attorney in the UAE 

After the first step, a power of attorney can be submitted to the UAE to finish the authentication procedure. Take the following actions:

  • From the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a power of attorney stamp.
  • Legal translators are certified to translate legal documents by the Ministry of Justice into Arabic.
  • When completed, the UAE Ministry of Justice must approve this translation of a power of attorney.

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