UAE Outsets Issuance of Birth Certificates to Newly-Born Children with Unknown Fathers

Of late, the UAE effected Federal Law No. (10) of 2022, the statute confers a landmark right to children born outside of marriage or a relationship to be legally registered at birth and obtain a birth certificate. The newly issued law regards not/exempt the parents’ marital status, whether the father is known or unknown, mothers are granted an exclusive virtue to register and procure a birth certificate alone. Nevertheless, attestation is essential to establishing the legality of a birth certificate furnished in the UAE. Thus, to ensure an efficient and seamless process of attesting a birth certificate. 

What is the procedure for birth certificate registration according to the new Federal Law No. (10) of 2022, UAE?

The newly effected law sets forth a straightforward and progressive procedure for Birth Certificate Registration in the UAE, as conferred:

  1. Primarily, mothers are compelled to declare the virtue of being the Legal Mother to the birthed child and submit the specified request to a relevant court. 
  2. As established on the Two-Page Birth Registration Form from the UAE Judicial Department, the mother ought to provide two essential documents, that are:    

– Birth Notification

– A copy of her Emirates ID or passport.

  1. Further, on the second page of the court order request, the mother has to classify the reason for making the application. 
  2. Upon completion, the relevant court will issue the order to the department of health to issue the birth certificate. 

Is marriage an essential prerequisite in order to obtain a birth certificate and register it in the UAE?

Article (7) of the Federal Law No. (10) of 2022 grants that marriage is no longer a precondition for registering a child, and obtaining a birth certificate in the UAE, henceforth. The law confers exclusive rights to the child, that includes;

  • The right to his/her own identity. 
  • The right to avail the best healthcare probable. 
  • The fundamental right to education. 

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Is birth certificate attestation essential after its issuance in the UAE?

In the UAE, attestation is obligatory to establish the legality of a Birth Certificate, and the government may require direct inspection. Attestation is the act of witnessing the signing of a birth certificate issued in the UAE. The birth certificate ought to be stamped and sealed by approved authorities, to confirm its authenticity and legal pertinence for use. 

Required documents for birth certificate attestation If a child is born in the UAE

Birth certificate attestation in the UAE obligates the presentation of documents that proves the individual’s identification.

Following are some of the documents:

  • Birth certificate in the original form
  • Photos in passport size
  • Authorization letter (POA)
  • Parent’s passport copy
  • Emirates Identification Card

How may private notary assist you?

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