Notary Public in UAE: Why Should I Hire One?

The need for notarization arises at any time; therefore, it’s better if you stay ahead with this task and seek out a notary public that you are able to trust. A notary public’s primary job or duty is helping prevent fraud through the verification of the authenticity of documents and witnessing document signing. If you are considering of hiring a notary public in Sharjah, Dubai, or any other emirate of UAE,  here are what you should know about public notaries in UAE:

  • Protection when entering into an agreement 

With a public notary, you are able to have peace of mind when you are entering into an agreement. Why? It is because the primary job of a notary public is ensuring the signatures on a legal document, such as a contract or agreement, are authentic. This saves you or your business from legal implications. 

Take note that a notary public is only accountable for the authenticity of signatures that are on a document rather than the contents of the document. There are public notaries in Dubai that can assist in the preparation of legal documents as they have retained attorneys that can be assigned to help you with the task. A notary public should be present during the signing of signatories in a document and ensure the persons signing are the persons whose names are on the agreement. 

  • Reduction of the risk of fraud 

Fraudulent activities may be avoided if there is a notary public that is present during the signing of a legal document. The reason for this is because a notary public won’t just require the signatories to present proof of identity, but signatories will also be asked to sign the actual document rather than copies. A signature on a photocopy can’t undergo notarization. Additionally, a notary public can ensure a person who is signing a document isn’t signing without freewill or signing under a threat. 

Take note: a notary can’t oversee a document’s signature if it has a stake or interest in it. Public notaries are neutral and impartial parties to an agreement. This increases the trust and confidence of parties involved, especially when documents are being witnessed by a party that has no bias to either side. Notary publics are often held liable if they show favoritism or inclination towards a party. 

If you have a business in UAE and you are entering into a very important contract (which most likely happens every single day), it is crucial for you to have a public notary as your contact. For individuals, it is best to appoint notarization services as needed. 

  • Proper execution of a legal document 

Whenever a legal document is executed, a notary public can make sure that the signing is done accordingly, as per the law’s requirements. Most banks and financial institutions have signing policies in place. Majority require notarization or enlisting of a witness during the signing.

Notary Services in UAE

Notary services in UAE are sometimes mandatory while certain occasions don’t require them. Regardless of whether or not they are a requirement, the benefits mentioned above prove the importance of acquiring a notary public’s services. 

As one of the leading public notaries in Dubai and UAE, Notary Public Dubai can provide notarization and legalization of legal documents at the place and time of your choosing. If you want to know more, contact us today! But, before you do, check out the frequently asked questions regarding notary services and public notaries:

When is the best time to hire a notary?

There is a need for notary services when signatures on documents require certification. Legal documents may be deeds, mortgages, transfers of sales and other agreements. The witnessing of the signature or execution of documents makes them legitimate and legally binding. 

What does a public notary do?

A public notary can administer an oath, as required by a legal document. Public notaries can also verify all identifying details such as names and addresses in a document. In addition, they can certify copies. But most importantly, a public notary can help in combatting fraud and identifying theft that can arise during a significant transaction. A public notary can give parties to an agreement the assurance that a document has been executed properly. 

How much do public notaries in Dubai typically cost?

Dubai Notary service fees can vary; however, the maximum amount of notaries can charger per signature will be dictated by the law. Fees are per signature but a discounted price is possible for additional signatures.

Do all the parties involved need to be present during the notarization of a document?

It is often not required; however, we suggest you speak with a public notary regarding the proper procedure for every notary service. As soon as the document for notarization is stamped with the official seal of the public notary, the document can be used and regarded as legal.