What is Board Resolution Attestation and Why is It Required?

At some time, document attestation services in Dubai will probably be necessary if you’re starting a company in the UAE. The process, often called document certification, renders an out-of-country document legitimate for use in the UAE. These might be personal documents like birth, marriage, or education certificates or attestation of commercial documents such as contracts or board resolutions. If your papers are not certified, you can encounter issues if you ever need to live and work in the UAE and require your documents. It is significant since it will clarify and make your authenticity clear. Notary Public Dubai offers these kinds of verifications and also provides prompt and reliable attestation services in Dubai.

Attestation of Commercial Documents

Your business documents need to be verified if you work with UAE-based firms. Having your document certified for usage in the UAE is done via attestation, often known as document legalization. The UAE has specific requirements for the documents they accept and the format in which they must be delivered. Attestation of commercial documents involves numerous stages and takes place over time. The following are the reasons why commercial documents in the UAE must be attested:

  • Establishing a corporate bank account in the UAE, setting up a new UAE branch or offshore organization, 
  • Drafting distribution agreements, 
  • Setting up a supply chain,
  • Working with UAE-based businesses.
  • When working with companies overseas, including specific business visa procedures, document authentication of commercial papers is necessary. 
  • It can be essential for various reasons, such as selling an organization, partnering with another firm, launching a new start-up abroad, or growing an existing company.

What is Board Resolution Attestation?

The board resolution records all decisions the board of directors has made on business affairs. The board members’ choices about the company’s activities abroad, such as creating a new branch, are revealed to the authorities. 

Authorized individuals, departments, and authorities attest to the board of resolution documentation and certifications using their official seal and signature. This attestation also attests to the fact that the relevant department issued the certificate. A seal and signature attest to its legitimacy on that specific Board of Resolution certificate.

Why is Board Resolution Attestation necessary?

One of the crucial legalization processes is obtaining an attestation stamp from the relevant authorities for a board resolution. A board resolution that has been attested to is necessary when a company engages in cross-border export commerce or opens a branch abroad. Board Resolution Attestation is a process used to demonstrate the validity of a document signed and sealed with a genuine seal by an expressly authorized entity. It assumes that your papers are trustworthy and officially correct in all respects.

What is the Board Resolution Attestation Process in Dubai?

Dubai’s Board Resolution Attestation Process is unique compared to other kinds of papers. There are many attestation levels for business papers. The stages of the Board Resolution Attestation Process are as follows:

1. Chamber of Commerce Attestation: 

The first stage in legalizing commercial documents is getting certification from the local chamber of commerce, an association of businesspeople. Commercial papers are evidence that your business is legitimate. Thus commercial document authentication helps to validate it.

2. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation: 

After attestation from the chambers of commerce and the notary, the MEA will certify the board resolution for the UAE (Dubai) in the home country. The MEA is the final branch of home legalization, and it is at this point that the document is attested with an MEA stamp. The MEA is the primary agency handling the nation’s foreign affairs.

3. UAE Embassy Attestation: 

The Board Resolution Attestation from the UAE (Dubai) Embassy or Consulate is the last stage in legalizing or attesting a commercial document. After the Board Resolution has been confirmed by the Chambers of Commerce and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the Board Resolution will subsequently be attested by the UAE (Dubai) Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin. The UAE (Dubai) Embassy/Consulate staff will conduct this last step of attestation.


4. MOFA Attestation


You could need a high level of attestation, namely the MOFA Attestation if your papers were produced in a country in the Gulf. The last stage in the attestation procedure is the MOFA attestation of your papers. Your document is sent to the MOFA once the UAE Embassy has validated it. 

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How may Notary Public Dubai assist you?

The notary public team in Dubai will provide total support, direction, and help throughout the attestation procedure. To keep the process efficient, we regularly update our services and specifications with the Ministry and Embassies and share them with our regular customers and corporates. As a team, we ensure that each customer is adequately informed about the procedure, documentation requirements, processing time, service fees, and obstacles associated with the project. The secret to meeting the client’s expectations and making him happy is keeping him informed. We can provide assistance and support for any attestation services in Dubai, including commercial certificates.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the Board Resolution Attestation or Attestation of commercial documents.