How to get documents attested from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA is the government institution which deals with the country’s foreign affairs. When a document has to be attested to be considered legal and valid in UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to provide its seal. Document attestation with the UAE Ministry/Dept. of Foreign Affairs is for many purposes. This includes commercial, educational, and non-educational procedures. Should you wish to migrate to UAE, documents need to undergo MOFA attestation in UAE. As soon as you rare done with MOFA attestation, you’ll be able to use your legal document in UAE for whatever purpose. 

MOFA attestation UAE is mostly required for the following: 

  • School admission 
  • Processing of employment visa 
  • Processing of family visa 
  • Labor card processing 
  • Securing higher education in the country 
  • Visa designation 
  • Medical purposes 

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Steps to get MOFA attestation Dubai UAE

Step 1: Secure an appointment with MOFA

Appointments can be booked online or with the help of attestation professionals in UAE. To book an appointment for MOFA attestation, furnish details such as the place of ratification e.g. UAE MOFA or a branch, name of the branch where you will be going for the appointment, name of applicant, emirates ID, passport, nationality, and type of document that has to be attested by the Ministry.  

You will be provided with dates that are available for your MOFA appointment specific to the branch that is closest to your location. You will get a notification as confirmation of your appointment. You may still cancel or change the appointment if you have not paid the attestation fee yet. 

Step 2: Pay the fee for MOFA attestation 

If you don’t settle the payment for UAE MOFA attestation within three hours from the time you booked an appointment, the booking will be cancelled automatically. In case you’ve paid for the MOFA attestation Dubai and you no longer need the service, you will have to apply for a refund which entails a different set of steps. 

Step 3: Visit the UAE MOFA office 

Make sure that you arrive at the MOFA office fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Different branches of the Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs in UAE are located across the country. There are different counters for individuals and companies. Make sure that you get the token that is applicable to your situation. You’ll be able to have your personal documents attested with the Ministry. You can also undergo MOFA attestation on behalf of your dependents; however, the Ministry won’t attest documents of your cousins or friends even when you have them with you during the appointment.

Take note: you will have to present the requirements for UAE MOFA attestation, which can differ depending on the nature of the document that requires attestation. This is why it is advised to seek the help of attestation specialists in UAE as they can advise on what you need to provide to the local authority to complete the procedure.

If you want to speak to attestation experts in UAE to address your questions or concerns, contact us here in Notary  Dubai today!

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What documents aren’t acceptable for MOFA attestation?

The following documents, including their originals and copies, can’t be attested by the UAE Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs as they don’t fall under the Ministry’s purview:

  • ID card 
  • Passports
  • Domicile 
  • Documents that are related to an immovable property 

To be certain of whether or not you can have your document attested, it is recommended to call the Ministry in advance.  

Who will be able to present a document for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation? 

The applicant for attestation should present the document for MOFA attestation; however, a family member or representative can do so provided that there is an authority letter issued by the applicant. The person assigned in presenting the document for attestation on behalf of another person or a business entity is required in showing his or her original Emirates ID, driving license, or passport.

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