Transfer certificate attestation in the UAE

When you decide to leave or transfer to another school or college, a school or institution will provide you with a letter or other evidence of documentation known as a transfer certificate. It is a requirement when moving from one university to another. According to UAE Ministry of Education law, a student must have their transfer certificate attested before they may be admitted to any UAE school or institution. Many people, especially parents, are concerned about Transfer Certificate Attestation in the UAE.

We can assist you in having your Transfer Certificate attestation from anywhere in the world. Before departing for the UAE or while there, you must make sure that all the paperwork is verified, including the Transfer Certificate. Documents are scrutinized by United Arab Emirates officials as well as school administrators. Your Transfer Certificates must be validated for authorities to accept them. In light of this, act now!

What is School Transfer Certificate?

An official document known as a transfer certificate identifies the grade in which a pupil is either presently enrolled or to which they were promoted at the end of the academic year. The UAE Ministry of Education and KHDA have mandated this to guarantee correct grade placement for all students. Attention: The Transfer Certificate should be written in either English or Arabic.

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What does “Transfer Certificate Attestation” mean?

A transfer certificate is attested by one or more authorized individuals, departments, or authorities, who then sign and seal the document with their official seal. Additionally, this Attestation attests to the validity of the seal and signature on the particular Transfer certificate and the stated department granted the specified Transfer certificate.

Purpose of Transfer Certificate Attestation 

The Attestation aims to confirm, authenticate, and guarantee the Transfer Certificate’s validity for usage in foreign institutions and universities. It follows the legislation, which specifies that the Attestation procedure must be followed for all Transfer Certificates issued by foreign governments. Make sure the transfer certificate is printed on the authorized school letterhead.

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Attestation of Transfer Certificate: Required Documents

  • Valid Transfer Certificate from the issuing nation.
  • holder of the transfer certificate’s passport copy
  • copy of one parent’s passport (in case of a minor)
  • Permission letter (if required).

Is Transfer Certificate Attestation in the UAE compulsory?

Yes, obtaining the Transfer Certificate attestation in UAE is required. A document’s Attestation must be completed to enroll your child in school. The paper is only valid in the UAE when the appropriate legal authorities have authenticated it. According to UAE ministry of education law, transfer certificate attestation is a condition for enrollment in any UAE school or college. You must thus have it ready before looking for/applying for admission.

How long does it take to get a transfer certificate attestation in the UAE?

The period of Transfer Certificate Attestation varies based on the issuing nation of the Transfer Certificate.

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Process of Transfer Certificate Attestation

The following government agencies must certify the original Transfer Certificate of any student applying for admission to a school or institution in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Department of Education (in Issuing country)
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry (in Issuing country)
  • Embassy of the UAE Attestation (In Issuing country)
  • Attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

All the steps mentioned above must be done to complete the attestation procedure. We ensure your transfer certificate has all the necessary Attestation so you may use it in the UAE.

The attestations we provide may be used for several purposes, including applications for student visas in the UAE and admission to schools. After checking or examining your papers, our legalization specialists may help you with the attestation procedure.

What must the Transfer Certificate include?

The following information must be included in the transfer certificate.

  • full name of the student
  • Name of the school or college.
  • The birthdate.
  • Admission date.
  • Date of Departure.
  • Name of parents.
  • Formal letterhead is required.
  • Date of last attendance by the student. 
  • The principal must stamp the document and sign it.

Is it easy to certify the Transfer Certificate in the United Arab Emirates?

The process of attesting to a transfer certificate is challenging. However, Notary Public Dubai will simplify the attestation procedures for you. We have the document legalized from each attestation agency in the issuing nation and the UAE.

How may Notary Public Dubai assist you?

We are one of the UAE’s officially recognized attestation companies and certify all certifications. Our professional team members at Notary Public Dubai are skilled in managing your paperwork. Our internal goal is to finish the Attestation process by the deadline. We guarantee complete client pleasure. We handle all aspects of the attestation process so you can relax. We are here to assist you in obtaining Attestation from all Embassies and other relevant Departments. Our team of experienced and trustworthy lawyers and legal advisers certifies and notarizes client documents.

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