Frequently Asked Questions About Notary Public in UAE

What is the Meaning of Notarization?

Notarization is a process of authentication of some important document as presented by the individual. The documents given for attestation may include education certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate any other documents as requested by the notary. This notary services can also be requested by the companies that want to conclude arrangements or business transactions.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Notary?

In order for an individual to act as a private notary in UAE  the following requirements are to be met:

  • Completed a law degree in UAE;
  • No criminal convictions;
  • A UAE national, unless the Director of Courts allow an Arab national exemption from this specific condition (the Arab national has to have experience of more than ten years as a Notary public)

What are the Requirements for the Attestation of Contracts and Agreements Other Than Identity Cards such as Passports?

Apart from the supporting documents that provide proof of identity such as a valid ID or passport, the other requirement for attestation and the most important one is the original document that requires notary attestation.

Who are Benefited from Notary Services in Dubai?

Following are the persons that get the benefits of a notary in Dubai

  • Any individual who has branches in Dubai needs to authenticate his douches for any office purposes or dealings can solicit notary services in Dubai.
  • Any individual with documents that involves authenticating of the signature can seek the help of a Notary Public in Dubai

What are the General Requirements for Notarizing the Documents in UAE?

  • The original document should be presented.
  • The person applying or legal representative should be of a legal capacity.
  • The relevant overrent authorities of that country should attest the documents required for notarization.
  • The documents presented for notary should not contravene any law of UAE and must not fall under the notary prohibitions, or under any other local jurisdiction.
  • All the persons related to the documents must be presented.

What are the Documents that can be Legally Presented for Notarization?

  • Any documents that are requested by the UAE government should be notarized as required by law.
  • The signature should be authenticated and notified on documents and contracts
  • Notarization of any other competencies applicable by law or entrusted by Dubai courts.

What are the Documents that are Restricted by the Notaries for Notarization?

The notary public is restricted from authentication of following documents;

  • Notary public cannot notarize any documents related to the personal status of Muslims.
  • Any transaction related to right of any kind of property and establishment and right of ownership.
  • If there is any violates to public law and ethics or public order such transactions can be restricted.

Can a Notary Witness two signatures?

Yes, Notary Public laws authorize to recognize the identity of persons approaching him for authentication of documents or contracts either by passport or travel documents or any identification card issued in UAE.

How can Prisoners or Detainees Notarize a Document?

It is important to present to notary public in person in coordination with detention centers of the prison authorities along with documents that shows the status and importance of these documents for the prisoners is to prove that the prisoner is not among some exceptional list as provided in the Penal code.

How to Attest the Documents and Contracts of Patients Admitted in Hospitals and Sanatorium?

  • Notary public can personally visit the place of applicants upon their request made to Chief Justice of First Instance Court.
  • The doctor might be requested to assess the applicant’s mental and physical health weather or not he is capable of freely expressing his will and understanding of the subject of the contract or documents the person is signing.

What are the Cards Issued in the Country Which are Accepted for Personal Identification?

The card that contains the photograph of the holder and has a serial number as well as the date of issues by a formal body.

Are the Copies of Passport, Travel Documents or Identity Cards Accepted by Notary public?

Sometimes in exceptional cases, the above-mentioned documents are accepted by the notary public.

What is the Cost of Private Notarization in UAE?

The cost of notarization depends upon the number of documents and content.  You can seek the help of the experts to know about the attestation fees for the documents that need to be attested.

Is it Important to Translate All the Documents into Arabic for Notarization in UAE?

The documents must be translated into Arabic before being notarized. The document is required in Arabic because it originates from foreign countries should be attested by the government authority of that originating country and attested by the UAE authorities.