The Role and Benefits of a Notary Public

A notary public is a person who is appointed by the government and is legally authorized to sign the official documents and statements. Preventing fraud by authenticating the important document is one of the important duties of a notary public. A notary public can protect the integrity of the signer because it’s their duty to entrust and confirm the identity of the documents assigned.

Types of a notary public are as follows:

Administering oaths and affirmations of the documents

One of the official duties that a notary public is assigned is to administer the oath and affirmations. This helps to examine the true identity of the person who stats that the documents provided by him is true and subsequently can also be held legally accountable for providing any wrong information.

As per UAE law, the person who takes oath if found under suspicions can be penalized for his actions. This kind off oath is usually judged by the court proceedings and by public officials for their role.

Maintaining proper records

UAE has its own laws regarding maintaining or records and documents a notary must maintain. There are some records that have to be maintained on each transaction and the contents of this book must be open for public record. In UAE the notary has to keep a record of each and every item notarized and a brief description of what is being notarized.

Notary public to take depositions and affidavits

Another task of a notary public is taking the depositions and affidavits by a witness under oath. When the witness is not available to testify in the courtroom it is considered legal to use depositions and affidavits in lieu of live testimony.

Entering into a contract made easier

The duty of a notary public is to enforce a signature on a legal contract are valid and authentic. All the legal implication and the risk can be sorted and the public notary is only held responsible for the authenticity of signatures on the documents and not of the content of legal documents.

When signing the documents, the notary public is supposed to be present to ensure that the person signing the document is, in fact, the same person whose name is on the contract.

Fraudulent activity can be Prevented

All the activities related to fraud can be easily prevented if the notary public is physically present during g the signing of documents. The notary public cross-checks all the signatures and also address them to prove all the identities.  They also ensure that the documents are being signed to prove their identities but she will also ensure that the documents are being signed are original. They also ensure that the person signing the document should be forced to sign the documents should act in free will.

The notary public is an impartial and a neutral party. They can be held liable for any favouritism or any malpractices towards anyone parties.

Certifying copies

Notary public can certify the photocopies of certain documents are true and identical copies of the original. Theses certified copies can then be used in lieu of original for any necessary purpose.

Familiarity with Legal Documents

There should be a facility with all the documents attested by notary. There are some documents that are restricted by the notary public to be attested. the notary public responsibility has to keep knowledge of all the parts of legal documents. The notary must be able to identify you must be able to identify the kind off documents what people are signing.

Notary services in UAE

Notarizing a document increases the legal validity of documents in the country you need to use it. If you want to know more about the notary services then make sure you take the help of a lawyer who is eligible to provide you, notary, in the documents.

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what is the eligibility to act as a notary?

The criteria to act as a private notary in Dubai are as follows:

  • Should have a UAE degree in law.
  • Should not be criminally convicted in court
  • National of UAE

what are the documents that can be notarized by notaries?

  • As per law, all the documents should be notarized,
  • There should be proper signatures on the documents and contracts.

what are the documents required by a notary public for attesting documents or contracts besides passports other identity cards?

  • when any person signs on behalf of a minor then that person has to submit the declaration of succession or court judgment.
  • any transaction on behalf of a minor is executed, if the person submits permission from concerned authority as well if the transaction is signed on behalf of an establishment
  • when a company or establishment shall submit the document, which authorizes him to sign.