Document Notarization in UAE can have blank spaces

There are a couple of steps that must be followed in order to make sure that a public notary in Dubai is able to notarize a document. When a document is not complete, Dubai public notaries can refuse in notarizing the document. An incomplete document isn’t allowed in completing the notarization process as there’s a risk for potential fraud.

For instance, a document for a vehicle sale transaction has left the selling price blank. If a public notary in Dubai notarizes the document, there’s a potential for a dishonest person to fill in the blank space with an account that was different from what was agreed by all parties involved. The dishonest person can easily make a claim that the amount in the document was the sum of money that was mutually agreed upon.

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So, are blank spaces not allowed on documents to be Notarized?

There are specific situations wherein it’s allowed to leave blank spaces for documents undergoing notarization in UAE. This includes the following:

  • Blank spaces that are reserved for government officials’ use – there are some documents that include boxed off sections or separate areas of blank spaces which are marked with the title “ONLY FOR OFFICIAL USE” or “RESERVED ONLY FOR RECORDER’S USE.” There may also be some other label that indicates that it should only be completed by authorized personnel. When a public notary in Dubai notarizes the document, it will proceed even when there is a blank space in a section as the blank space will be for office use only.
  • Blank spaces that are for additional signatures – a document often requires to have the signatures of several different individuals, which may in different locations. A notary public in Dubai may be presented with the document for notarization even when there’s a blank space for additional signatures. The document won’t be considered as incomplete. This means the notarization may be completed for the signers who are present physically and identified by the notary properly. But, the blank spaces will be recorded in the journal of the notary public, as well as the reasons as to why they weren’t used.

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How to get a document notarized in UAE?

As mentioned earlier, steps are to be taken in order to ensure your document is notarized. Here are they:

Make sure a document is complete.

The document has to be complete. As much as possible, don’t leave out a blank space. A notary public in Dubai needs all the information printed in a document in order for it to be able to perform a document notarization. Also, make sure that you don’t sign the document if you still have not met with the public notary. They will instruct regarding the procedure of signing and dating of every relevant section of a document.

Gather all the relevant parties for the document signing.

All signatories have to be present physically before a public notary for them to be able to place their signature on the document to be notarized. Make sure that you have coordinated the appointment schedule, so all parties will be available.

You must be alert and mentally aware.

Among the basic duties of a public notary in Dubai is to verify the identities of people who are involved with a document signing. The public notary has to make sure that every single signatory is in complete agreement with the terms of the document and is willingly signing. A signatory shouldn’t be under duress or coercion when signing a document. If you’re not aware of the details of a transaction and you’re not sure as to whether or not you should be signing, then take steps in addressing your concerns before you present yourself before a public notary.

Present valid identification.

Another primary duty of public notaries in Dubai is verifying the identities of document signers. Identities of parties involved will be verified in order to check identification, but also to make sure that all signatories fully understand the document that will be notarized, most especially its contents.

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Kinds of documents Notarization

There are different kinds of document notarization. You may need notarization for acknowledgments, copy certifications, or jurats. Notaries in Dubai can’t advise on the kind of notarization that you will need. It is, therefore, essential that you review the different kinds and be prepared in providing the information to the public notary.

  • Acknowledgment – an acknowledgment is a notarial act wherein a signer admits to a public notary that the signatory is singing without coercion and own free will.
  • Copy certification – this process is where the notary public takes an affidavit stating the document to which an affidavit is attached should be considered as a complete and true copy of a specific document e.g. birth, death, or marriage certificate.
  • Jurat – This is a notarial certificate that indicates a signer affirms a notary is under perjury penalty if document contents aren’t correct and true.

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