True Copy Attestation Guide

If you’ve been asked for true copy attestation for UAE, you may be wondering what that means. It’s understandable! Those who have not yet undergone the process of document attestation in the past also get confused with this foreign concept. Don’t fret. We’ve put together a guide on everything there is to know about the attestation of UAE certified true copies. Read on! 

What is the Attestation of Certified True Copies?

Let us first tackle what certified true copies are. A certified true copy of a document is a document copy that a lawyer or public notary in Dubai certified as being an accurate representation of an original document. Public notaries will sign the document after comparing document copy to originals. This will make the copy a certified true copy.

Certified true copy attestation are required for document holders who don’t want to leave their original documents to the entities that they work. Passport and other national identification cards are the most common documents that needs to be attested.

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Attestation and certification of true copies are required to minimize fraud activities such as document forging. A notary public Dubai can cross-check original documents to ensure the validity of document copies.

Passport True Copy Attestation in UAE 

The attestation specialists can help you with true copy attestation of passports. The first step for the attestation of certified true copies of passports is making the copies. Most government authorities require copies made by public notaries themselves. A public notary will then certify a passport copy and then take the certified true copy of the passport to several different government authorities for attestation. The certified passport copy need to get attested from the UAE embassy of the passport’s issuing country and from the Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

True copy attestation types of documents are as follows:

  • Academic documents;
  • Application forms; 
  • Tenancy contracts; 
  • Utility bills; 
  • Photos; 
  • Experience certificates

In the United Arab Emirates, the attestation of true copies of personal documents can be done by a notary public in Dubai, lawyers in UAE, and other authorities which are the issuing departments. Jurisdictions outside the UAE needs various documents that are to be stamped and witnessed by lawyers.

An expert notary public who does true copy attestation will have tie-ups with qualified lawyers across the globe. The lawyers will act as witnesses for the signatures that are in documents including contracts and agreements, declarations, resolutions, affidavits, power of attorney, letters, and application forms. 

Public notaries can witness the following documents.

  1. residence visa applications
  2. buying or selling of property and real estate
  3. Business registration
  4. opening of a bank account
  5. presentation of documents to local courts
  6. immigration

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Attestation of True Copies by a Public Notary in Dubai 

At Notary Public Dubai, our team of attestation experts has over three decades of experience in providing quality attestation services. Certify true copy process varies depending on the needs of the client, But here are the general steps:

  • Creation of copies to the original document presented; 
  • Confirmation with authorities regarding the true copy attestation process; 
  • Submission of original documents and copies to concerned authorities (depending on the requirement) prior to stamping of documents as true copies; 
  • Signing or sealing of copies of originals with remarks regarding verification process undertaken on original documents;
  • Processing of attestation with several different government entities

Most legal processes, especially in the UAE, require certified and attested copies of green cards, passports, and similar documents. In most cases, attested certified copies are also required for birth certificates, marriage certificates, and corporate documents. 

Our team has partnered with different law firms in 80+ jurisdictions across the globe in order to help with the certification and attestation of true copies of documents for use in UAE, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Hungary, India, Pakistan, and Egypt among others. We can manage your document’s true copy attestation on your behalf in order to save your time!

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