Philippine, Indian, Pakistan Marriage Certification Attestation for UAE

Every single year, hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe find themselves in a situation wherein they need to verify their marriage certificate’s authenticity. When moving into the United Arab Emirates, legalization of personal documents, particularly marriage certificates, plays a very important role. 

Marriage certificate attestation is a document legalization process that is undertaken for a lot of reasons. When you have a marriage certificate legalized or attested, it has to be correctly prepared first. This can involve getting the marriage license translated to Arabic or English or notarized, depending on why you are having the certificate attested. 

As soon as the document is ready, it then has to be attested by the government where the marriage certificate was issued. The local authorities will provide a seal, stamp, or any other kind of certification. Following the attestation of the local authorities, the consulate representative or embassy of the country where the document will be used will affix their mark of verification. 

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What are the most common reasons why Marriage Certificates are attested? 

In UAE, the nation recognizes the blissful institution of marriage. To guarantee a spouse’s rights under a marriage contract, a marriage certificate has to be seen as legal and valid. This is why it has to under the document legalization process. Former couples, conversely, will also need to provide proof of divorce validity prior to marrying anywhere in the UAE. Also, adopting a child that is from another country would require legal paperwork that has been authenticated. 

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Pakistan Marriage Certificate Attestation  

In order to process the attestation of a Pakistan marriage certificate for use in UAE.

Documents required for Pakistan marriage certificate attestation:

  • Original Nikkah Nama that is in Urdu 
  • Copies of the residency visa and passport of contracting parties to a marriage contract 
  • NADRA marriage certificate (with official English and Arabic translation)

Note: you will be able to save yourself from a lot of stress and headache in undergoing the tedious process of marriage certificate attestation by delegating the task to professionals. With a Pakistan marriage certificate attestation service in UAE, all you need to do is hand over the required documents to experts. They will be the ones who will make sure that your personal document is attested properly.

When your Pakistan marriage certificate is attested, there is no need to have the document re-attested as it will be considered as valid and legal in UAE. 

Philippines Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE 

A marriage certificate that is issued in the Philippines provides a proof of union between two people. Requirements for Philippines marriage certificate attestation to be used in UAE include:

  • Marriage certificate issued by the Philippines Statistical Authority 
  • Copy of valid ID 
  • Personal appearance of the document owner (can be an authorized representative) 

 The process of attesting a marriage license from the Philippines for UAE use involves notarization of the original marriage certificate, authentication by the DFA in the Philippines, verification and stamping of UAE embassy in the Philippines, and MOFA attestation in UAE.

Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE 

Attestation of Indian marriage certificate can be useful for a lot of reasons including the processing of a family visa or dependent visa and admission of children in a UAE school. An attested Indian marriage certificate will be required when applying for spousal visa in UAE. How to attest marriage certificate for UAE visa? 

Documents required for Indian marriage certificate attestation in UAE :

  • Copy of passport of marriage certificate holders 
  • Original marriage certificate 

All certificates that are submitted to local authorities for the attestation process should be original. The process of attesting an Indian marriage certificate involves notary attestation (notary in India), home department attestation, Ministry/Dept of External Affairs attestation, Indian embassy attestation, and lastly, MOFA attestation.

Certificate attestation processes ae different for different countries as the procedure greatly depends on the country which issued the marriage certificate which is to be attested. The attestation of a marriage certificate not only enables a couple in living in a foreign country without obstacles, but it will also allow for the admission of children or dependents to local educational institutions. A marriage certificate will be considered invalid without the attestation of several different departments.

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