Difference of Document Notarization and Document Authentication in UAE

Most people assume authentication of documents and document notarization are one and the same. That is actually false. In this article, we’ll delve into the two aspects of legalizing documents in UAE. 

Document Notarization in UAE

A document notarization happens when an individual or entity that is not involved with a transaction, a public notary in Dubai, witnesses to the signing of a document. The signing is between two or more involved parties. The third party that is allowed in witnessing documents is a public notary in Dubai. The entity will be signing as well on a statement that involved parties signed a document in the midst of its presence and confirm or verify the content itself. 

It is not rare for documents to be used in the UAE to require witnessing or notarization from a public notary in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. This is most especially so for transactions of high value. Many high value transactions like transfer of titles for vehicles and real estate also require the signature of a public notary in UAE. 

Notarization is actually a means to prevent fraud, as well as to make sure that the signatures on a document are authentic. a public notary in UAE who will be witnessing the signing of documents will compare signatures on documents and identification cards that are presented.  the signatures will be verified with regards to their authenticity. 

Public notaries in UAE that are commissioned for notarization also determine if a party seems to be intimidated or under duress during signing. The crucial step will prevent those who can exploit human trafficking victims, the mentally ill, the elderly and all those who belong to the vulnerable demographic. 

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Notaries performs the following kinds of notarization:

  • Acknowledgements – this is when someone is selling or conveying ownership to an asset; 
  • Jurats – the legal processes often need documents which provide critical evidence like interrogatories, affidavits, and depositions. A signer has to recite affirmation that content is true as if he/she is in a courtroom;
  • Certified copies – notarization provides a confirmation that copies of original documents are accurate, true, and complete. For instance, employers are able to verify diplomas with the certified copies notarized by a public notary. 

Document Attestation in UAE

Document attestation in UAE is the procedure in which regulatory entities in UAE and other countries check and verify documents. The verification is done to ensure that a document is in fact genuine. Attestation of documents is necessary, most especially as one moves to UAE or any other country. The attested documents will inform authorities of who a person is and what his or her intentions are. Also, only attested documents are allowed to be used in the eyes of the law. 

This applies to all documents that are not issued in the country where they were issued. Attestation is a complicated process, which is why it is often given to the hands of professionals. A firm offering attestation services in Dubai or UAE will let you have attested documents much faster, cheaper, and easier. 

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The most common documents which are to undergo the complete process of document attestation in UAE are as follows:

  • Personal documents – documents such as certificates which provide crucial details regarding a person’s life e.g. place of birth and date of birth, marital status, and status of present health condition are to be attested. The common personal documents that are attested if they are to be used in another country include birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, death certificate, and medical certificate.
  • Corporate paperwork – it’s mandator to provide attested corporate documents or certificates when moving to another country with the plan of taking on a new role with a company or starting a business. Corporate documents that are to be attested include commercial invoices, powers of attorney, letter of incorporation, and more. Attested corporate certificates provide information either on financial assets, a company that’s headed by the certificate holder, details on business ventures, and employment status.  
  • Educational certificates – documents that are to be attested before they can be deemed legal and valid in a foreign country include educational certificates. This applies regardless of the reason that you plan on moving to another country. Attested educational certificates provide crucial details regarding certificate holders’ academic background. Certificate courses, diploma or degree certificates, high school certificates, and secondary education certificates are all to be attested with the proper authorities. 

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Document Notarization and Authentication in UAE

Attestation and notarization of documents are not one and the same. It is important to take note of their differences, especially when notarization or attestation is required for your documents. Notarization only goes through a public notary in Dubai or anywhere in UAE while attestation goes through the attestation process of several different government agencies.

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