Power of Attorney to Sell Vehicle in UAE

A power of attorney offers an agent authorized to act on behalf of a principal. An agent in the UAE can have various legal powers, depending on the principal and his/her needs. Vehicle power of attorney that is for selling can be used when the principal will be away or has an illness and can’t be present during the singing of the legal document that is required for a transaction. A vehicle POA, in particular, allows an agent to handle vehicle related transactions specified in the document created by the principal.

Take note – A POA can cease to be effective for a number of reasons. This can include the passing of the principal, revocation by the principal, divorce of the principal and the agent was the spouse, court invalidating the legal document, and the agent not being able to carry out agreed responsibilities. 

A traditional POA ceases to be valid when the creator or principal is incapacitated. But, there is a POA, the durable POA, which remains in effect even with the incapacitation of the principal and it allows the agent in governing the affairs of the document creator. In addition, a springing POA is also another kind of power of attorney that only becomes effective when the principal or creator becomes incapacitated. 

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How a Power of Attorney to sell Vehicle Works?

The creator of a POA for a car or any vehicle in UAE can have a legal drafting team to assist him/her. The expertise and skill of legal drafting in UAE are actually needed as lawyers and legal consultants can help ensure basic requirements for POA drafting and POA notarization are addressed to make the document legal. 

The most suitable way for the power of attorney to sell vehicle is by acquiring the services of an attorney that specializes in properties and POAs. The principal and the agent’s signatures have to be notarized by a public notary in UAE.

While regulations in different jurisdictions across UAE can differ, we have listed below general information on

How to get Power of attorney to sell a car in UAE should be? 

  • The Document Should be in Writing

Verbal instruction is not really reliable in getting the details of the authority that’s provided to an agent by a principal. It is, therefore, crucial to have the document drafted and legalized through the services of a notary public in UAE. If you have a POA document and what is agreed between you and the principal or agent is written on paper you won’t have arguments or confusion to deal with down the road. 

  • Vehicle Power of Attorney – How to Use the Right Format

There are a lot of variations to a power of attorney as there are different purposes as to why the document is made. For a Power of attorney to sell a vehicle in UAE, it can be short-lived. In some cases, it can last until a principal passes away. It’s important to have a clear decision written on the specific authority or powers that are granted, as well as create the POA that’s specific to the desires. A POA has to be compliant as well to requirements set forth by different authorities. We suggest you utilize the services of an attorney to make sure that your POA to sell a vehicle will be accepted by third parties or government authorities. 

  • Parties Involved Should be Identified

The term that’s used in identifying the person granting authority is principal, as mentioned earlier. The person that will receive the authority is called the agent. It is critical to check the requirements of the authorities prior to utilizing any specific terminology most especially when the agent can also be referred to as the attorney-in-fact in a power of attorney. 

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  •  Delegate Authority for a Power of attorney to sell a vehicle in UAE

A POA can be very limited or very broad; however, every power that is granted has to be described very clearly even when the principal is granting an agent with a general authority. Basically, a creator to a POA shouldn’t grant all or whole authority like “I entrust everything that has to do with me to my agent.”

  •  Identify the POA’s Durability

A POA in UAE can be automatically terminated as soon as the principal is incapacitated. When this happens, an agent can retain the powers that are given but only if the POA states that it is durable. 

POA to a Public Notary

In the UAE, the Notarization of a Special Power of Attorney Limited to vehicles required. The public notary in UAE will witness POA signing between the principal and the agent. Following the POA signing, the public notary will add its signature and stamp onto the document, signifying that it has been verified and certified. 

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