Factors to Consider When Hiring a Public Notary in UAE

Search online and you’re bound to find Public notaries down the street. However, you should wait before you contact one. Although convenience is one factor for you to consider when hiring a  Public notary in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you would not just trust an important legal document to an unknown, right?

When Hiring a Public Notary in UAE – Factors that you should put on top of your list: 

1- Customer service 

You should feel ‘right at home’ when you are dealing with a public notary in Dubai as this means you can ask any question regarding the language and/or terminology in your document. It’s also important that you’re give the applicable fees for notarial services upfront, most especially the ones that you are in need of. A public notary should not be rushing you or have the ‘just sign here’ type of mentality.

You should leave a Public notary’s office in full understanding of the purpose and meaning of legal documents. Whenever a public notary is not able to execute a document or provide you with assistance, then you should be given clear details as to why, as well as suggested steps that you need to take. Notaries in Dubai are also attorneys. This means you can be given legal advice, as well as representation in court. 

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2- Convenience 

As mentioned earlier, convenience is also a factor to consider whenever you’re selecting a Public notary in Dubai. There are times wherein you just need to be able to get a notary service from a trustworthy service provider. This is when mobile notarial services come in handy. There are Public notaries in UAE that offer weekend calls and after hours service. In addition, there’s also a couple of instances wherein it’s better suited to your needs to acquire notarial services while in the convenience and comfort of your own office or home. 

A lot of Public notaries are able to accommodate such requests. Don’t forget to inquire regarding after hours fees and travel costs and provide your private notary with background information regarding your situation when setting your booking appointment. This way, you’ll receive the most efficient and effective service possible. A lot of documents will require witnesses. You should ask your Public notary regarding this so they will come prepared in providing you with your needs. Majority of notaries in UAE take pride in helping educate clients. They also provide mobile notarial services in meeting the unique requirements of clients. 

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3- Specialization 

Selecting a notary public in Dubai is similar to choosing just about any other professional or specialist. What you want is an expert who’s not only knowledgeable regarding the basic regulations and requirements which are necessary in executing your documents, but also one that understands your circumstances so your needs are addressed. 

Depending on the kind of work that you need done, either forming a corporation or LLC, crafting a will and testament, or purchasing a car or a house – finding a notary public in UAE that’s skilled in specific areas must be one of your primary concerns. You should not be hesitant in asking the skills and experience of a notary, most especially in executing documents. While all notaries undergo testing prior to receiving a license or certification, advanced training and experience in dealing with all of the nuances of procedures can produce the best possible results for you. 

Make sure that you avoid a notary who insists on utilizing boilerplate forms in executing documents that are more involved. Professional and experienced notaries will be asking questions regarding your specific situation in order to determine what customized language will be best in your document. The answers will also be helping in determining the best possible course of action or solution. Always be truthful when you are dealing with a notary Public in Dubai to make sure that your finished documents are going to be considered legal and valid in UAE. 

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4- Ethics 

The signature of a public notary will authenticate the contents of documents to being the intentions of the signatories. You should never ask Public notaries in Dubai to “fudge” or try to skirt standards like notarizing documents that were signed even when they are not in the midst of a private notary or notarizing documents that contain blanks or are incomplete. Doing so will not only be jeopardizing the commission of the private notary, but will also render documents invalid, leaving your interests unprotected completely. It is always best to avoid any notary who’s ready and willing in notarizing documents that are illegal just to make money or save time. 

Always choose the public or private notary in Dubai that upholds the highest standards and level of professionalism for its clients. Being one of the most established and reputable notaries in Dubai, you can discuss your needs with our team here in Notary Public Dubai.