How to get documents notarized online in the UAE

In Apr 2020, almost the whole world was at a standstill due to the Covid -19 pandemic and the lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the virus. During this period, the Dubai courts decided and announced that the hearings can be conducted online. Since the Notary public is also a part of the court, remote notary public services have been introduced. This allows the documents to get notarized online in the Dubai.

The documents can be notarized online in the UAE instead of appearing in person in front of the Notary public as they used to be before. This movement helped a lot of individuals and corporates as their necessary transactions had to come to a halt due to the imposed lockdown. This saved them from the potential damages and losses and they could easily get the work done online without any hassle. The notary public offices have a lot of public visiting them daily and hence, they are the most crowded places. Shifting the process to online one helped in making things easier for the notary public as well as the businessmen and individuals.

What are the documents notarized online in the UAE?

Notarization is the process of officially authenticating a document. The purpose of notarization is to confirm the authenticity of signatures that are appearing in a document.

After the announcement made by the Dubai courts to conduct some of their works online, the following documents can be notarized online

  1. Notarization of power of attorney
  2. Notarization of legal notice
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Local service agent agreement notarizations
  5. Memorandum of associations/articles of association addendums there to w.r.t. civil companies’ notarization

The rest of the documents like applications relating to commercial companies’ Memorandum of association and their addenda need to be notarized only by the private notaries collaboration with the Dubai Economic Department.

The documents that are to be notarized have to be in Arabic or authenticated dual-format English and Arabic)

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What is the procedure to get documents notarized online in the UAE?

Online notarization is now considered the future of the notary industry. This is because it is providing unmatched convenience, prevention of fraud, and extra security to both the businesses and the consumers.

The process for getting the documents notarized online in the UAE is as follows-

  1. The applicant needs to download the BOTIM app from the app store
  2. The applications must be submitted online through the Notary Public Dubai website.
  3. The sent emails must contain all the relevant documents, all sorts of relevant information, including but not limited to the following:
  4. The name of the applicants and signatories, mobile number, address, emirates ID, and confirmation of capacity/authority
  5. The document that is to be attested proves the applicant’s authority, in case it is applicable
  6. Lastly, if the application is on behalf of a company, the company’s trade license has to be provided.

The following declaration is also to be put on the footer of each page of the document that is to be notarized in a PDF format.

“I, the undersigned, declare with my full capacity and through video communication, using BOTIM, my consent on all what is stated in this application and I sign accordingly.”

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The approval process of the public notary

Once the application is submitted, it is reviewed. The documents attached are reviewed and the applicant is contacted via BOTIM. In the BOTIM call, the applicant may be asked to furnish further documents if any or may be notified of the amendments that are to be done. If everything is in place, the applicant’s approval of the notarization request is given to the applicant.

The applicant will receive an SMS and an email with the details of the fees that are to be paid and a payment link.

Once the payment has been made, the original documents is sent to the applicant’s address.

Advantages of online notarization of documents in the Dubai

The movement of getting the documents notarized online has eased the entire job as a whole. The basic advantages of making the notarization process online are listed below-

  1. Physical presence for the notarization of documents is not needed anymore
  2. The crowd in the notary public offices has gone down
  3. The process is now safer and smoother
  4. It gives extra security to the applicants
  5. This makes the process highly convenient and saves time for the business owners as well as the notary officers.

e Notary, Online Notary

Therefore, the online notarization process of documents is quite easy and convenient, but at the same time one should be very careful regarding the wording and the documentation of the same shall be done very precisely for the same to get approved by the Public Notary.

At Notary Public Dubai, we have a team of lawyers who are highly experienced to get your notarization work done online. They are monitoring the latest government guidelines and developments and would be able to help you through the process very smoothly.