How to get a Healthcare Power of Attorney in UAE

Contrary to popular belief, a healthcare power of attorney isn’t just for an older adult or someone with a life-threatening illness. It is a legal document that is important for everyone. Healthcare or medical power of attorney (POA) documents provide control over personal healthcare decisions. They’re the only way a person is able to make healthcare-related decisions that will be carried out by an appointed agent that is conferred with authority. The legal documents ensure that the person appointed in making your decisions for you does exactly what you want.  

What are the steps to get a Medical/Healthcare power of attorney? 

A healthcare power of attorney can be made by anyone of legal age and of sound mind. For a healthcare POA to be legalized and established, the legal document has to be notarized by a public notary in Dubai.

Follow these steps to get your own medical power of attorney: 

Step 1: Decide on the person you want to be the agent  

Only you will be the one who can make a decision on who the agent will be. The agent will carry out your medical decisions on your behalf when you’re not able to communicate your wishes yourself. It is, therefore, crucial for your agent to be able to carry out your decisions for you and act only with the best interests in mind. This is regardless of whether or not the agent agrees with your medical decisions.  

Choosing the correct agent for you is very personal. The person has to be someone close to you, but make sure that he or she has a level head as you won’t be available in giving the person directions.  

In Dubai and across the UAE, anybody of legal age can act as the agent or your patient advocate. Just as long the individual is competent in making decisions for you. You can also designate several agents. The agents can act together or separately. If you want a successor agent, it’ll ensure there is someone who will act on your behalf should the primary agent become indisposed or unwilling in acting for you. 

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 Step 2: Hire a seasoned attorney  

A seasoned attorney is necessary for the creation of a medical or healthcare POA. More often than not, people want to limit the decision-making authority of their agents. That being said, work with your attorney in specifying what exactly you want and don’t want your appointed agent to do.  

Take note: the powers of an agent can be as broad or limited as you’d like. But, it’s important that you mention the powers your appointed agent doesn’t have in the POA document. You can also mention the precise wishes you have related to your general healthcare. Examples include the following”.

  • Whether you plan on remaining even when you’re in a vegetative state 
  • How long you’d want to remain on a life-saving machinery 
  • Whether you want pain medication in making you comfortable by the end-of-life medical care

A medical or healthcare POA in UAE will only take into effect when your physicians determine that you are no longer mentally and/or physically capable of communicating your own healthcare decisions for yourself.  

Step 3: Sign before a public notary in Dubai  

You and your appointed agent must sign the POA before a public notary in Dubai or anywhere in UAE for the document to be considered legal and valid. A public notary in Dubai, UAE won’t be able to notarize a power of attorney if any of the signatories of the document isn’t of sound mind. This is why it’s very important to create a medical/healthcare POA before a crisis arises. In addition, a public notary in Dubai, UAE won’t be able to perform document notarization if any of the signatories are under undue influence or duress. 

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Can a healthcare/medical power of attorney be cancelled? 

A healthcare POA will remain effective until the cancellation terms in the document have been fulfilled or when you choose to revoke it. The cancellation of a power of attorney has to be done in writing. It is possible for you to revoke your healthcare POA at any time even when it’s determined you’re unable in making decisions for yourself.  

To cancel your healthcare POA, have a power of attorney revocation letter notarized by a public notary in Dubai. Then, send copies of the cancellation letter not only to your agent but also to your healthcare providers and all those who might be relevant to your medical POA.

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A healthcare power of attorney may also be cancelled through the following: 

  • Death of the person authorizing an agent through the power of attorney 
  • Divorce 
  • Creation of a brand-new medical power of attorney which revokes the existing one

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