Memorandum of association attestation in Dubai

An attested Memorandum of Association from the UAE (Dubai) Embassy must be filed with other company documents to the UAE (Dubai) Government if an overseas organization seeks to grow its business in the UAE (Dubai). The functions of corporate officials are described in a formal official document called a memorandum of association. Boards of directors may sometimes take corporate action. It also provides a formal means for boards to express their decisions in writing.

A speedy and reliable attestation service in Dubai is required for this kind of verification. Continue reading to know more information relating to the Memorandum of Association Attestation.

Why is the attestation of commercial documents necessary in the UAE?

Commercial document attestation in UAE is one of the main legalization procedures needed for business papers that will be used in another nation for visa and business reasons. The relevant authorities are observing the process of legalization. You must get signatures and stamps from all relevant authorities to demonstrate that the document is genuine and valid. You must thus get legitimacy from each designated officer to obtain a Commercial Documents Attestation.

What is the Memorandum of Association Attestation? 

The MOA lists the Company’s name, the names of its members (shareholders), the number of shares each one has, the location of their registered office, and the names of all of these individuals. Along with mentioning the business’s objectives, legal share capital, the members’ suitability for shares or guarantees, and the kinds of contracts the Company may engage in, it also indicates the members’ trustworthiness.

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Why is a Memorandum of Association Attestation required in the UAE?

The business organization’s constitution is supposed to be its memorandum of association. It will include information on the shareholders, the board of directors, rules for how the business is to be run, policies, safety and security concerns, and so on.

  • When forming a firm in the UAE, the MOA must be presented together with other paperwork.
  • Attestation of a document is a requirement specified by the UAE’s federal legislation. The MOA will be deemed void if it is not attested.
  • Additionally, the business license application will be denied. A memorandum of association attestation in the United Arab Emirates is mainly necessary for the business establishment process.
  • When a Company want to operate its business or open its branch in the UAE, a Memorandum of Association Attestation is required.

Therefore, you must choose a trustworthy attestation service in Dubai for MOA attestation in the UAE. The agency must provide the attested MOA to you securely after completing the attestation promptly.

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Memorandum of Association Attestation – United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Getting the Memorandum of Association attested for the UAE (Dubai) in your home country is not one step process. There are a few crucial stages to complete before getting to the Attestation or Legalization stage. The Notary Public’s attestation serves as the beginning of the Memorandum of Association Attestation procedure, completed by the UAE (Dubai) Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s home country with its attestation and legalization.

  1. Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a group of local businesspeople, and getting approval from them is the first stage in legalizing commercial documents. Commercial papers are evidence of your Company’s legality, and commercial document authentication aids in this process.

  1. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) verifies documents for the last time before putting an MEA stamp on them. MEA is the primary organization handling all foreign policy issues for the nation.

  1. MOA Attestation from the UAE (Dubai) Embassy in the home country

The last stage of a commercial document’s attestation or legalization is the Memorandum of Association Attestation from a UAE (Dubai) Embassy or Consulate. After the Memorandum of Association has been confirmed by the Chambers of Commerce and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the UAE (Dubai) Embassy or Consulate in the home country will complete the attesting process. The UAE (Dubai) Embassy/Consulate personnel will conduct this last step of attestation.

  1. However, if your papers were created in a Gulf country, you could need a high level of certification, such as the MOFA attestation.

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Does a MOFA Attestation on a Commercial document need to be obtained?

MOFA Attestation is required for commercial documents used outside of the UAE. You may, however, ascertain the document’s legitimacy and integrity by attestation.

How may Notary Public Dubai assist you?

Since only original certificates are needed for business document attestation, we may finish the whole procedure without you being present. Attestation is a one-time procedure, after which you may use the document for any national purposes. You value your papers, and we do too. We see your documents as being the most significant ones. Notary Public Dubai offers fast, dependable, and reasonably priced attestation service in Dubai for commercial documents.

You may easily have your document authenticated thanks to the assistance of our professionals. To receive your credentials from all relevant agencies, we are committed to providing you with the most dependable and timely services.