Reasons to Hire a Mobile Notary in UAE

A mobile notary in UAE is an entity that is authorized by government officials in stamping documents to make them legal and valid for use in the country. Without a public notary, important documents required by several different regulators in the country can’t be certified in terms of their authenticity and legality.

Hiring a public notary in Dubai, particularly a mobile notary, is the easiest and the simply way for anyone to validate different kinds of paperwork. A notary public also less takes time in going through a review process and providing its seal onto documents compared to other authorities such as the local courts.

Reasons why you should hire a mobile notary in UAE:

1- Prevention of Fraud 

When a mobile notary in UAE is present during the time of signing documents, fraudulent activity is prevented. Not only with an authorized official request valid proof of identification during the time of document signing, there will also be a review of documents to make sure that they are indeed original copies. 

Signatures on photocopied documents are not allowed to be notarized in UAE by mobile notaries. A public notary will make sure all documents are also signed by signatories with their free will. If a signatory is signing under duress or if there are doubts of coercion happening, the mobile notary won’t sign/seal/stamp the document in question. With the assistance of a mobile notary, parties to an agreement have confidence with a transaction as it’s being handled by a third party that is impartial or neutral. 

2- Flexibility 

Another reason to hire a mobile notary in UAE is flexibility in terms of the time in acquiring services. Whether you require a mobile notary’s service early in the morning or late at night, you will be assisted. A mobile notary in UAE is certified in assisting clients in any matter it is authorized with. This includes notarizing or witnessing documents related to real estate and structural settlements. A mobile notary in UAE that’s reliable is one that is able to work with your schedule. 

3- Convenience 

With tens of thousands of public notaries operating across the UAE, it’s not very hard to locate one in an urban area or metropolitan city. But, this is not the case for rural communities in UAE. As a matter of fact, it’s nearly impossible, most especially if you want one that is reputable. The solution to the problem for most people is utilizing the services of a mobile notary in UAE. Regardless of how near or far your location is, you will be assisted by a mobile notary.

Also, you will enjoy the convenient of choosing the time and location that you want for notarization. A document can be notarized and signed easily while you’re traveling. There is also no need to worry regarding the operating hours of a notary. 

At Notary Public Dubai, our team of experts can coordinate with you to address your notarization and legalization needs. Yes, we’ll do our best in catering to your needs whichever time or location that’s most convenient for you. Call us today! 

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What is required for Notarization in UAE?

When signing a document before a mobile notary in UAE, the original document has to be presented. Also, forms of identification approved include passport, emirates ID, and driver’s license. 

Does document Notarization in UAE make a document correct and truthful?

A notarization process validates that a signatory has personally appeared before a public notary in UAE. It also confirms that a signatory affirms or subscribers to a document’s truthfulness. A mobile notary in UAE is not authorized in stating that a particular document is correct or true in terms of its contents. 

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What are the common functions of a public Notary in Dubai?

 Mobile notaries or public notaries in Dubai are employed by business organizations and individuals in UAE to certify copies of documents and witness document signing. A mobile notary in UAE travels to the preferred location of clients to provide notarial services. This can be at the home or office of a signatory at a time wherein it is convenient. 

Why do documents have to be Notarized?

As mentioned earlier, documents are to be notarized by a certified notary public in UAE in order to prevent fraud. If notarization is a requirement by a certain regulatory body in the country, then the purpose of this is for creating a public record. Notarization of documents prevent any other person aside from who is designated in a document from signing then utilizing the document for purposes which were not intended as per what is stated on the document.

If you have questions regarding the processes of a notary, it is advised to clarify them with a notary in UAE.