Obtaining DEWA/SEWA Bill True Copy Attestation in Dubai

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of expats in Dubai and other Emirates is the requirement to get certified copies of original documents. Residents of Dubai routinely do business in their own countries or other foreign jurisdictions. Expats are frequently asked to give authentic copies of their paperwork, such as passports, DEWA bills, bank statements, and other documents, in order to confirm the expat’s real identity and the documents in question.

Therefore, true copies of certificates or essential documents have become a daily need in Dubai and the UAE. This post answers certain misunderstandings about using terms like notarization and True copy attestation in Dubai and the UAE. It explains how expats may receive authentic copies of their papers.

Notarization vs True Copy Attestation

First, expats should be aware that their passports, DEWA bills, Emirates IDs, and other papers submitted to any government body or third party outside the UAE are frequently required to notarize or get notarization. True copies are sometimes referred to as notarized copies.


Notarization is having papers verified as genuine copies by a notary public in several nations. It is not the situation in the UAE, though. In the United Arab Emirates, a notary public does not certify true copies of any documents other than those issued by the notary public himself or those signed in his presence. 

True Copy Attestation

True copies of papers are necessary if the original document is not available. In Dubai and throughout the UAE, a lawyer certifies a document as a true copy. A lawyer double-checks the original document before signing and stamping photocopies, saying, “I certify that this document is a true and correct copy of the original.”

In the United Arab Emirates, true copy attestations are required for passports, electricity/DEWA bills, and job credentials. Visa applications, company registrations, real estate purchases and sales, and bank account openings all require documents to be seen by a lawyer. A true copy of a passport is frequently necessary for transactions in the UAE. Bank account openings, company incorporation, immigration, and property transfers are examples of these transactions.

Who needs original certified documents?

Various government offices, embassies, consulates, and private entities worldwide frequently demand certification to trust and accept copies of original papers for transactions requested by the document holder. As a result, document verification requires a True copy attestation.

In the following instances, our clients in Dubai and around the UAE commonly seek certified genuine copies of passports, utility bills, and other documents to meet the criteria of third parties and government offices around the world:

  1. Immigration to many nations.
  2. Establishing all forms of businesses, including but not limited to offshore businesses, all over the world.
  3. Property acquisition and selling transactions
  4. Open an offshore bank account.
  5. As part of the lawsuit procedure, papers are submitted to courts worldwide.

What kinds of Documents require a True Copy Attestation?

We can certify the true copies of the following documents:

  • Passports
  • Bills for utilities such as DEWA bills. SEWA bill etc.
  • Bill of telecommunication such as Etisalat and du
  • Statements from the bank
  • Contracts of lease
  • Employer letters confirming employment and experience
  • Certificates of Marriage
  • Other educational certificates, such as a bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree

If your document isn’t listed above, we might still be able to help you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can determine whether or not we can certify your document.

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The UAE’s process for issuing Attested True copies

  • The procedure is basic and uncomplicated. The expat must produce the original paperwork to the lawyer, who checks the legitimacy of the original document. When the lawyer is sure that the original document is legitimate, he copies it and stamps it with the statement ‘This is a true and accurate copy of the original document.’ In addition, the lawyer signs the paper with his current date and contact information. The straightforward procedure for obtaining authentic copies in the UAE is now complete. 
  • once it has been issued, the document can be submitted to the relevant government agency or third party outside the UAE, 
  • Parties depending on verified copies outside the UAE may contact the lawyer. Typically, these parties will telephone or email the lawyer to confirm the following:
  1. A lawyer who is a member of a recognized body that regulates law practice is known as a registered lawyer.
  2. The lawyer himself issued the certified copy in question.
  • After the lawyer has acknowledged those mentioned above, the paper is then verified and utilized for the intended purposes.

We are authorized to handle all types of certified true copy attestation and legal papers. Our services are both quick and economical. We will handle the certification of your documents as quickly as possible so that you may save time. We are delighted to serve as your single point of contact for any legal paperwork needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more information or legal assistance on your requirements for attesting documents as True copies.