Precautions When Hiring a Mobile Notary Public in UAE

Rather than going to your local notary public in UAE, you might want to consider using the services of a mobile notary public. A lot of working professionals in Dubai opt for a mobile notary public as it frees up time in handling personal and professional obligations. Due to the myriads of benefits a mobile notary in Dubai offers, a lot of reputable notaries are going mobile this year. 

Although the transition has boosted the revenue of a lot of public notaries in the country, there are safety concerns of the general public and the notaries themselves. It is true that saving time and obtaining the convenient notarial services of mobile notaries make them the more attractive option. But, you have to remember that it is always the safety of clients and colleagues that should be prioritized. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how you can hire a mobile notary public in UAE, which will be coming to your location. 

Dangers that are associated with a Mobile Notary in UAE

It is highly likely you are already aware of dangers which are associated with dealing with strangers or people you don’t know. It will be in your best interests if you act with more caution. As you contemplate in hiring a public notary in UAE that provides at home services, remember that there is a possibility of encountering untrustworthy individuals. The danger is heightened in isolated locations. Although initially it is unsettling, it is relatively common for people to welcome acquaintances into the homes e.g., salesmen, repairwomen, new neighbors, etc. 

Ideally, a homeowner screens all those who will step into his or her home. Although this is not realistic, you would want to ensure you’re hiring a reputable firm. This is to eliminate all possible doubts of a notary service. Gather all necessary information you can about your chosen public notary in order to make the process of notarization or legalization running seamlessly. 

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Safety tips in working with UAE Mobile Notaries 

You are the one who is primarily responsible in ensuring your safety and security, most especially within your premises. It is, therefore, essential that you take all precautions when you seek a traveling professional to offer you services. 

  • Select a Public Location 

Since a mobile notary in UAE will be traveling to your preferred location in order to deliver a service, it is essential that you pick a venue that ensures your safety. You may be uncomfortable in having a stranger insider your home. If so, then simply choose the closest library, restaurant, or any public space wherein there are other people around. Your best bet is in a public area that has lots of people around and good lighting. 

Regardless of the area where you will be dealing with a mobile notary in UAE, you need to make sure that someone else knows where you will be. This can be a family member or friend who knows your whereabouts. Prior to meeting with a notary agent, you should also have a good idea of how long the service will take. 

Coordinate a time wherein you message or call a loved one following the meeting you will have a mobile notary in UAE. Make sure that you give also the details of the public notary, including the name of the firm, place of business, and other crucial details. Lastly, check with your friend or relative when you have arrived at your chosen meeting place. You can do so through a phone call or text message. If you will be handling a long assignment, then you should check-in a couple times. 

  • Choose the Correct Time 

Although mobile notaries in UAE are very much appreciated as they provide flexible bookings, most especially during times wherein its already past the normal business hours, don’t meet with notaries late at night. For safety purposes, it is better If you have documents processed during the day.

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Notarial services for the elderly and disabled 

An adult caregiver can give a request to a public notary in UAE for a notarization service for an elderly or disabled who is under his or her care. This leads to some safety issues. It can be quite a challenge to transport elderly or disabled persons, depending on their present health conditions. The additional inconveniences of having to lug around heavy medical equipment can also deter someone from acquiring notarial services. In such case, a mobile notary in UAE is what is needed. 

Proper verification will still be required for acquiring notarial services for the elderly and the disabled. Also, for a smooth and quick transaction, make sure that you have all the documents required for a notary service. 

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