How to Sell Your Vehicle in UAE While Overseas

Specific types of property in UAE such as vehicles come with deeds that have to be transferred to a buyer from the owner during the time of sale and purchase. When you’re overseas and you want somebody else to transfer your vehicle in UAE on your behalf, the transaction will require a notarized power of attorney or notarized POA. A notary public in Dubai can help ensure that you have a valid document that gives authority to someone else in selling your vehicle for you.

As the person conferring power or authority to sell property, you are referred to as the principal; while the individual who will act for you is called the agent/attorney-in-fact. In your power of attorney, you can give your agent a lot of responsibilities apart from fulfilling the transfer of your vehicle’s title or deed.

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A power of attorney in UAE for vehicle transactions can be very useful when you can’t attend to the requirements and needs of a vehicle, you need a specific person in filing the proper documents with the local authorities for the registration and title of the vehicle, and if you’re going to transfer the title of the vehicle to a buyer with the appointment of an agent. Here is

How you can sell your car or any vehicle in UAE using a power of attorney?

  • Create the document

While there are contracts that are verbal, verbal instruction won’t be a reliable substitute, most especially when you specify the powers or capacity permitted to an attorney-in-fact. It is simply unreliable, so there’s a need for you to put the agreement into writing. This helps in troubleshooting confusion, as well as prevent arguments down the line.

  • Make use of the right format

There’s a lot of variations for POAs. There are those that are very limited and short-lived; while some are meant for the documents to last up until the principal dies or passes away. It’s important for you to make a decision on what the powers you wish in granting your chosen agent. Then, prepare the power of attorney in accordance to your desires and needs. A legal document such as a power of attorney in Dubai also has to cater to the emirate’s requirements.

You should only have a power of attorney that is drafted by a legal advocate in UAE, so you can ensure that the document will be acceptable in the court of law. It is not a good idea to utilize pre-made forms you found online through a web search as they’re not tailored to your unique needs and situation.

  • Identify the parties to the agreement

As stated earlier, you’re referred to as the principal for being the person who is granting authority or power. Your agent or attorney-in-fact is the individual or legal entity that receives the power you’re granting. It is critical that you check with your hired legal advocate in Dubai to utilize the specific terminology that’s acceptable in the emirate. You may also consult with a public notary in Dubai if you want to know what rules and regulations they are to follow to notarize your power of attorney.

  • Determine the durability of the document

All POAs will be considered null and void when the principal dies or passes away. Should this happen while you were appointed as the agent, you won’t be able to keep acting on behalf of the principal. However, if the POA you have entered into with the principal is durable or lasting, you will be able to continue acting on his or her behalf if the principal becomes incapacitated but not dead. A durable POA can last for an entire lifetime of the principal unless the document is cancelled or revoked with the cancellation made in writing.

  • Notarize the document

In UAE, a document has to undergo the process of notarization in order for it to be valid and legal in the eyes of the law. A power of attorney is one of the kinds of documents that absolutely needs notarization. When a public notary in Dubai notarizes your document, they will affix their seal and signature as proof of completion of the process.

  • Have it filed

In UAE, it’s not mandatory to formally record the power of attorney in government offices or local courts. However, the validation of a notarized power of attorney in UAE will ensure that all relevant authorities are notified that the document actually exists.

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Recording is also a best practice, not only for government entities, but also for the principal, the agent, and the estate planners of the principal.

Note: it is possible to sell a vehicle in UAE even when you’re already overseas. The process is the same with one additional step involved – the document attestation. If you want to know more about how we can help you set up and legalize a vehicle POA, call us here in Notary Public Dubai today!