Attestation Services for Employment Paperwork

Attestation is the process of confirming the authenticity of the details of a document and the document itself. Document attestation (attestation service in Dubai) is necessary for those who intend in working in the UAE as they are to get the approval of the authorities in the country. It’s especially important for individuals who plan on working in the UAE to understand the importance of completing the attestation process.

Work in UAE

If you intend in working abroad, you may also need to get your personal documents authenticated. This includes your birth certificate and educational certificates. Documents that are issued outside of the UAE are to be authenticated prior to them being used in the UAE. As soon as they’re added with a legal stamp, UAE will recognize the documents and provide them with legal importance similar to how they are in their country of origin.

You’ll need an apostille for documents that will be used in countries that are signatories in the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention. With the United Arab Emirates, it is not part of the convention which means authentication or attestation is required rather than an apostille. Attestation can be done on several different kinds of documents such as transcripts, diplomas, identification documents, and certificates of good standing. If you’ll be bringing your documents to UAE, the documents you’ll need will have to be attested first by the commissioning agency, department of state, as well as the UAE consulate.

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Business Expansion to UAE

If your business intends on operating in UAE, you’ll have to acquire attested certifications for your staff members that will be working and residing in the country. Regardless of whether or not your business is established in several different countries, the UAE will still require all employment-related documents to be fully processed for authenticity.

Attestation for documents that are required of UAE authorities for employees of international or foreign businesses is more demanding when it comes to the steps for document legalization and authentication. Apostille, which applies to countries that are part of the Hauge Convention, is more straightforward as all that’s required is for certificates to be apostilled instead of having to go through several different government departments.

In UAE, government authorities such as the Ministry of Labor will review notary signatures on certificates to ascertain legitimacy. It’s always a good idea to seek the help of experts rather than leave the attestation process to individual employees to ensure the process is successfully completed.

Urgent Need for Document Attestation

If you are in need of documents that have already gone through the entire attestation procedure, then you’re better off handing over the task of attesting the documents to professionals. An attestation service provider in UAE can pick up your documents in your location, have them certified, and go through all the relevant government agencies in your home country and in the UAE. The usual duration for the completion of the attestation is four to five weeks, depending on the availability of the attestation officers of government regulators.

A Notary Public Dubai, we provide an initial consultation for your authentication and attestation needs. Our team’s main goal is to save you from the stress and headache of having to go back and forth, especially if your documents are not prepared to undergo the attestation process. Our seasoned team of attestation specialists will help get all of your certificates in order, so they’re not declined by any government entity. To know more about attestation service in Dubai, call us today!

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What’s the difference between notarization and attestation in UAE?

Notarization is the procedure a notary public in Dubai undertakes in order to certify a document. It is done through the attachment of a notarial certificate onto the document. A notarial certificate will contain statements of facts being certified. A notary often issues certificates in Arabic but it can also be in English or in the language that is used in a document.

As for attestation, it is proof that a document is in fact authentic. A certificate will only be genuine when the attestation process has been completed.

Is there a need for me to book an appointment for an attestation service in Dubai?

It is preferred for clients to have an appointment before meeting our team; however, we can sometimes accommodate walk-ins. If you want to ensure our team’s availability to address your attestation needs, we advise calling ahead. This can also help ensure that you bring all the documents for our team to assess their viability of being attested by local authorities.

How much does attestation service in Dubai cost?

It will depend on the type of document that will be attested and what the service entails. All of our experts who will be assigned to you will discuss the fees prior to your scheduled appointment. Take note that we would have to check the document in advice to provide you with an accurate service fee. Contact Us today!