Guide on Writing Endorsement Letters in UAE

If you’ve been asked in writing an endorsement letter in UAE for a particular academic program or employment, there are certain things that you shouldn’t leave out. Remember that letters of endorsement in UAE really do matter. Letters from previous employers, teachers, and counselors are weighted more during the recruitment or college admissions process.

In the search for a job, an endorsement letter provides more information as well as a positive impression than just providing an exhaustive list of references for potential employers to call.

Take note: It is best to have endorsement letters notarized by a public notary in Dubai. The process of document notarization in UAE offers potential employers assurance of authenticity of a document and the signature(s) in an endorsement letter. 

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What should be the format of an endorsement letter?

The most common format for writing an endorsement letter in UAE is the following:

  • Name and Address of Writer 
  1. Name of the writer of the endorsement letter 
  2. Company 
  3. Job Title
  4. Company Address 
  5. Emirate, Country 
  6. Date 
  • Salutation 

If you’ll be writing a personal endorsement letter, then include a salutation. This can be “Dear Mr., Mrs., or Ms. (name).” If you’re writing a general endorsement letter, you can skip the salutation.

  • Introduction (1st paragraph) 

The first paragraph for your endorsement letter should explain the letter’s specific purpose, including your connection to an individual that you’re recommending. Apart from the relationship that you have with the person you’re recommending, either academic or employment, include also how long you know the person for. 

  • Details (2nd paragraph) 

The second paragraph for your endorsement letter in UAE should contain more specific information regarding the individual that you’re writing about. It’s best to explain in this paragraph why you think the person is qualified, as well as what they’re capable of contributing. use more than just a single paragraph, fi you deem necessary, when providing details. You can also include a specific example or two attesting to the qualifications of the person you’re recommending. 

  • Summary (3rd paragraph) 

This section for your endorsement letter should contain a short summary as to why you’re endorsing the person. Say that you’re “highly recommending” the individual or that you’re “recommending without any reservation.”  

  • Conclusion (4th paragraph)

The concluding paragraph for your endorsement letter in UAE should contain an offer in providing more details to the reader or receiver of the document. You may include your phone number or mailing address within this paragraph. A different option is to include your e-mail address or website. 

  • Closing 

Finish up your endorsement letter with a professional letter closing, as well as your name and job title. If you’re mailing hard copies of the endorsement letter, then include your digital signature under your typed name. 

  1. Sincerely,
  2. Signature (for hard copies)
  3. Name of writer
  4. Job title

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What is involved in the notarization of an endorsement letter?

A certified public/private notary in Dubai, UAE is the only one that can legally notarize documents. For the notarization of an endorsement letter, a public notary in Dubai performs the following:

  • Refuse notary service if the document constitutes an unlawful act or fraud 
  • With respect to a company, a public notary in Dubai ascertains whether or not the signatory of the endorsement letter is a recognized or official representative of the company and has the authority in signing on the company’s behalf. It’s done through examining a board resolution of the company for the representative appointment of the signatory of the endorsement letter. 
  • Assess whether a signatory doesn’t suffer legal incapacity, which include but isn’t limited to any illness, duress, intoxication, dementia or senility 
  • Confirm the identity of the signatory of the endorsement letter through careful examination of the identity document presented to the public notary in Dubai. More often than not, public notaries require an Emirates ID and passport of each signatory. Notaries record the information presented to them and retain copies of the signatures of the signatories of endorsement letters in UAE. A notary will also take special care, most especially when dealing with a digital signature.

What is the indication for a notarized endorsement letter?

A public notary in Dubai or anywhere in UAE affixes its official seal or inked stamp on a notarized document, such as an endorsement letter either for academic or employment purposes. The seal of a public notary in Dubai, UAE will be placed near the signature of the notary. Ideally, a seal has to be pressed over a notary’s signature. 

Often, an endorsement letter that is being notarized in UAE is bound with a knotted letter with the knot impressed on a notary’s seal. This is to demonstrate an endorsement letter hasn’t been tampered with.

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