Professional Minutes of Meeting Format

There is a typical format for organizing the content of formal or professional minutes of meeting in the UAE. The minutes of meeting format can be customized as per the purpose and culture of the business.

Take note: A minutes of meeting is an important document as it’s considered by courts, auditors, and government authorities as legal documents that represent board of directors’ actions. May assert that when a decision is not included in the minutes, it did not happen. 

Who is Responsible for Minutes of Meeting?

The board secretary is typically the person in charge with the minutes of meeting drafting. Written minutes are always distributed to the members of the boar prior every meeting for review. The previous meeting’s minutes has to be reviewed immediately in the following meeting. If there are changes that are to be amended, an updated version should be presented in the next meeting following the decision for change or amendment. Minutes of meetings in UAE are to be retained by an organization and shared with the board members. 

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Sample Minutes of Meeting Format 

  • Name of the Organization 
  • Month Day Year of Meeting 
  • Time and Location

Board members

  • Present: Leslie Ryan, Jon Bear, Elizabeth Trucker, Jack Porter, Pay Kyumoto, Bhata Bhatacharia, Josephine Edem
  • Absent: Beatrice Luigi Gomez
  • Quorum Present? Yes or No 

Others present 

  • Executive director: Brylle Swanson 
  • Other: Linda Baguio, Consulting Accountant 


  • The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Trucker, Chair, at-7 a.m. 
  • Meeting minutes of last month were amended and given approval by the board 

Report of Chief Executive 

  • Recommends that if the company does not find a brand new facility required by the next week, the company will stay in its current location throughout the year. The board agreed after a brief discussion
  • Staff members, Jon Bear and Leslie Ryan attended the Network for National Practitioner meeting in Abu Dhabi last month to give a brief presentation. The two were invited again for next year’s meeting to provide a much longer presentation regarding the organization. Board congratulated Ryan and Bear. After a brief discussion, board asked them to pass congratulations to all that helped with the presentation. 
  • Trucker asserts that the business has to make sure its name is being associated with the materials that are distributed in the meeting next year. Trucker also said the business should generate income where possible with the materials. 
  • Ryan mentioned that a staff member’s husband is ill. Motion to provide a gift to the staff member’s husband to express the support and sympathy of the organization, seconded and passed. 

Finance Committee report given by Elizabeth Trucker, Chair:

  • Trucker explained that Linda Bagui, consultant, reviewed the bookkeeping procedures of the organization and found them all to be satisfactory and they are ready for the upcoming financial audit which happens every year. Edem recommends that the company makes sure that the auditor provides a letter of management and an audit financial report. 
  • Trucker reviewed highlights, issues, and trends that are derived from income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. Problems including high number of accounts receivable which require the attention of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will assess procedures and policies to make sure the business receives payments on time. Following a brief discussion on suggestion and issues on how to secure payments on time from clients, a motion to accept the financial records, seconded and passed. 

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Report of the Board Dev’t Committee provided by Jack Porter, Chair:

  • Porter reminded the entire board regarding the retreat that was scheduled in the next three months, he also provided a draft on the retreat schedule for the review of the board. A motion to accept presented retreat agenda and schedule, seconded and passed. 
  • Porter presented the board members with a draft on the by-laws of the company that was reworded which would allow board members in conducting actions over e-mail. Porter suggested a resolution and thorough review on the change of by-laws. Kyumoto suggested to seek legal counsel first in order to verify the validity of the proposed change. Board members agreed in acting the action and also to notify members of any progress in the board meeting next month.

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Assessment to the board of directors meeting minutes: Minutes of Directors Meeting

  • Kyumoto noted that three meetings have already run over the 2-hr time slot which was intended by thirty minutes. He asked board members to be focused and mindful during discussions and suggested for Chair of the Board Development to take action in identifying solutions to the issue. This was agreed the Chair. 

Meeting of the board adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

After the signing of the board minutes of meeting by the board members, it is important to have it legalized by a notary public in UAE. For proper attestation or legalization of a minutes of meeting in UAE, Contact us here in Notary Public Dubai!