Why Conference Calls and Meetings Should be Recorded

With so much today is devoted for meetings, businesses and leaders of almost all organizations have started their search for ways in relieving strain meetings bring about on productivity. Small businesses in UAE, in particular, reap more of all the advantages that are offered by meetings, including conference calls and collaboration in real time. 

With the recording of meetings, you’ll be able to turn all conversations of your team, whether on video calls or conference rooms, into valuable sources of information which can minimize the time that is taken away from employees due to meetings. This also maximizes the effect of meetings onto the bottom line of a business. 

In this article, we’ll give you a list of all the reasons why it is best to prepare minutes of meeting for conference calls and meetings in UAE. Read on! 

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No Detail is Forgotten or Lost 

Meetings are very valuable as they give people the time and opportunity in discussing several different information, then come to a decision more quickly in comparison to an email or text message thread. However, meeting minutes in UAE or handwritten notes can’t capture each discussion as well as decision. Not to mention screen shares, whiteboards, and actual sides during the- meeting. Notes and minutes of meeting are also influenced with the secretary or person taking the notes, which means it is expected to have different parts of meetings with different people taking down notes as each person thinks differently on what the important aspects are. 

A recording, especially video recording, gets the picture of what exactly happened. You’ll know what was said, who said what, as well as the crucial decisions that were made and the actions and items that were designated to key members.

Allows Collaboration Outside Conference Rooms 

We are used nowadays in continuing the collaboration between staff members outside conference rooms or beyond conference calls through shared documents offline or online, productivity hubs, and email. However, none of these solutions for communication make it incredibly ease in providing reference to specific discussions that happened during crucial meetings. They even require members to create new messaging threads or new documents. 

When recording a meeting, you’ll have complete documents wherein members are able to reference the details whether by collaborating within the meeting recording or through sharing a link through a messaging channel. There are video recording and sharing platforms available that make it easy to leave timestamped comments in shared videos and also have discussions right inside videos or recordings. 

Allows for Complete Understanding on How Decisions Were Being Made 

As fiscal quarters and important initiatives of organizations in the UAE come to an end, businesses find significant value withholding ‘post mortem,’ reviewing outcomes of the project, the ways results were realized, and the things that can be improved in the near future.

However, when decisions and important business milestones occur over long periods of time, and also when huge projects have different moving parts managed by dozens of teams, it’s going to be very difficult for all members to get an accurate recollection of all crucial details which helped work to get done. 

By recording meetings and having minutes of meetings in UAE that are cross-referenced from recordings, complete context will be taken and insights remain original regarding what went well, as well as the things that were not so well. 

Offers a Compilation or Library of Knowledge

You want people to be able to share crucial information and decisions of an organization doing so in meetings or conference calls can be double-edged for employees. Although sharing insights and information can be useful and makes things a lot easier for people, doing so can lead to even more interruptions and work for key team members. This can negatively affect the business’ productivity as there is no doubt for experts to be asked again and again to share information. 

 If you are recording meetings and you are maintaining archives of video libraries, there is no need for you to ask experts to keep on repeating themselves or to add documentation tasks to their long lists of things to accomplish. 

Also, the capturing of information that is shared during a video call or meeting allows a business in developing a library of knowledge that may be referenced or searched at any time, regardless fo whether the expert is still with the organization or not. 

Minutes of Meeting in UAE 

Recording offers a tool for an effective and efficient way of writing minutes of meeting in UAE.

Take note: minute meetings in UAE are to be notarized. As soon as you are sure that you have a complete and clear record of the events in a meeting, have the minutes of meeting notarized by a public notary in Dubai. Call us here in Notary Public Dubai for more information.