How to Write Minutes of Meeting?

Writing minutes of meetings are important for any board meeting since it will help to measure the progress of the meeting decisions in the future. The minutes of meeting document is not just about the general discussion that took place in the meeting. But you may include other things such as detailing of future plans, serving as the company’s reference point, and tracking the progress of the company.

Who writes Minutes of Meeting?

Normally Board Secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes. if you are the person who How to prepare minutes of meeting then you are also responsible for sharing and filing the document.

Steps to write Minutes of a Meeting

Learn how to write the minutes of the meeting by following these steps.

Step 1: Proper Preparation for the Meeting

Each meeting minutes records are different. You need to have a discussion with the meeting leader about the expected format of the meeting minutes record. If possible, review all past meeting minutes so that you will get an idea about the meeting minutes template that the company prefers. Also ask the meeting leader for a copy of the meeting’s agenda as well as the guests, speakers, and all other meeting attendees.

Step 2: Record the Meeting

If you have a format for the minutes of meeting, then it will be easy to maintain a more structured record of the meeting. The most important thing you should always keep in mind while writing meeting minutes is never to skip any important information in the meeting.

Meeting minutes should include the following aspects:

  • Date of meeting
  • Time of meeting
  • Names of participants and those who are unable to attend the meeting
  • Amendments and corrections to the previous minutes of the meetings
  • Current meeting agenda additions
  • On whether a quorum of attendees has been reached
  • Taken or rejected motions
  • Proposed actions to be taken.
  • Voting that there’s a motion and a second, as well as the vote outcome
  • New business
  • Moved or held over items.
  • Next steps
  • Next meeting time and date
  • Public participation or open discussion
  • Time of meeting adjournment

Create an effective meeting minutes record in such a way that every meeting attendee should be able to recollect easily.

Step 3: Review and Finalize the Meeting Minutes

Review the agenda again in order to get a complete scope of the meeting, and review all the actions, votes, motions, and decisions to provide further clarification. Edit the record if required to make it clear, and comprehensible.

Attach all the documents which were handed out or referred to during the meeting onto the official copy instead of giving a summary in the minutes.

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Do Minutes of a Meeting have to be Approved?

Yes, To make the minutes of a meeting official, you need to get the approval/signature from the meeting leader

It is best to have backup copies in print, in a board portal, or hard drive.

Ensure that you have got the approval from the president of the board for the meeting minutes document prior to sharing it online or in print.

Common Mistakes with taking Minutes of a Meetings

  • Lengthy delays in giving the minutes
  • Failing to manage and file documents
  • Failing in getting the document signed from the meeting leader

You can make the minutes of a meeting document legal by notarizing it. Contact us at Notary Public Dubai for notarizing minutes of meeting in UAE.