How to get an Affidavit for same person with different name?

Many spelling variants of specific names, most of which have similar pronunciations, are relatively frequent. Although most individuals have nicknames, very few of us are known primarily by our pet names, making it difficult for others to remember our real names. In some other circumstances, long names are frequently divided into different names. Whatever the situation, many individuals would have experienced a great deal of uncertainty and often found themselves in legal difficulties, particularly when names are misspelt or incorrectly stated on official papers. The only way to handle the legal issues brought on by a person having so many distinct names is to create an “Affidavit for One and the Same Person.”

What is a Notarized Affidavit?

Sworn declarations in writing may be found in notarized affidavits (affidavits by a notary) in the UAE. In talks as well as litigation, they are employed. They are often utilized in bankruptcy processes and family law matters in the United Arab Emirates. For both criminal and civil proceedings, they are often used. Keep in mind that an affidavit must be certified by a notary public in Dubai or anyplace else in the United Arab Emirates to provide authorities with proof that the person who creates the document swears on its veracity and accuracy. Affidavits must be signed in front of several witnesses to be notarized.

Affidavits are required in several situations. However, other scenarios allow for their voluntary issuance. As part of the discovery process in family law, you’ll need to submit a financial affidavit. Because you are not submitting a list of factual material, this is different from written affidavits.

When two different spellings know your name, how do You Make an Affidavit?

The deponent must go to a lawyer with the papers with their name miswritten since, typically, a lawyer would create such an affidavit. The attorney then creates an affidavit for you, prints it on Stamp paper, and has you swear to it in front of a person with the authority to witness an oath.

When is an Affidavit for Name change required?

  1. There are several situations when an affidavit is required to resolve name conflicts.
  2. Certificates issued by schools or colleges have different names.
  3. There is no middle or last name.
  4. Due to a translation error from the native language to English, or both, the name is misspelt
  5. Initial not present or unexpanded
  6. For numerological reasons, you need to alter your name.
  7. Changing one’s name after marriage
  8. Change of name after a divorce, change of faith, or change in personal preferences.

Is a Notary Public required for a multiple-name affidavit?

If you want to utilize multiple name Affidavits in court or to file for a visa/immigration to Canada, the United States, Australia, or other countries, you must get them notarized.

Affidavit for One and the Same Person

The Affidavit of one and the same person certifies that two (or more) names belong to the same individual. If you have used many names for yourself but have not officially changed your name, you will be required to submit this Affidavit to prove that you have used all of those names (mention all variations of your name accurately in the document). 

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Obtaining a Notarized Affidavit in Dubai: Steps to Take

To get an affidavit notarized in the United Arab Emirates, do the following actions:

Go to a public notary in Dubai/UAE with an unsigned affidavit

Make sure that the Affidavit is not signed in advance. The regulatory authorities forbid a public notary from accepting any document that has previously been signed without being present and being witnessed by the notary. Remember to carry the necessary identification papers so that the public notary in Dubai can confirm your identity. The identification document must be valid and valid. Passports, Emirates IDs, and driver’s licences are some of the often acceptable documents. Clients who have lost their identifying documents due to a calamity, such as floods or fires, shall be treated at the notary’s discretion.

Submit a notarization application

Fill out the form to ask your preferred notary public to serve you once you have written your Affidavit for the UAE document notarization procedure. Keep in mind that Dubai and the rest of the UAE will only accept vague requests. Additionally, they will look for any gaps in your Affidavit. Additionally, if you want someone to handle your request, you may schedule an appointment with a public notary in Dubai.

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Verification of identity documents by the public notary 

Using the identification that is supplied, a notary public confirms the signatory’s identity. It’s possible to arrange to have a document created for you by a notary public, especially for affidavits. Your appointment to notarise an affidavit in Dubai will require you to sign it.

The signing of the Affidavit

The public notary will ask you to sign the Affidavit if all of your documents—including your affidavit and identity papers—are valid and suitable for notarization. If you’re signing while intoxicated or under duress, the public notary in Dubai will be watching the action to determine if you are. The process will end immediately if the public notary suspects that you are being coerced into signing the document against your will by another person or organization.

 Public notary signature

At least one credible witness, a public notary in Dubai, is one of the document’s signatories for notarized affidavits in that city. After seeing and witnessing the Affidavit’s signature, the notary will record the transaction in the official journal. In Dubai, the notarization of your Affidavit will be recorded in the public notary’s notebook along with other information, including the location and date. A public notary will add your Affidavit’s official public seal or stamp. Your Affidavit is, therefore, officially notarized at this point.

Payment to the Notary

The notarial costs will determine the reason for the Affidavit and the location where the document is being notarized. So that you won’t have to go to their premises, reputable public notaries in Dubai often provide mobile notary services.

An affidavit must be notarized in the United Arab Emirates to be considered valid and lawful by the judicial system. Call our knowledgeable notarization team at Notary Public Dubai to ensure you complete the procedure correctly!