How to Prepare Minutes of Meeting?

Minutes of meeting are detailed notes which search as official written records of conferences and meetings. A person that is in charge of a gathering typically asks a participant to be the one that takes down the minutes. While it is not a difficult job, proper taking of minutes of meeting is important as they contain crucial data related to the decisions of an organization. Accuracy is the most important aspect when it comes to creating minutes of meeting in UAE as they are the official records of the events that transpire in meetings. When the notes are gone through, the person that took the meeting minutes will be referred to.

If you are running a company in UAE, you will appreciate the pointers that we have listed below as they are designed to help you deal with the task with finesse. Here are the things that you need to do prior, during, and following a meeting in order to ensure you’ve taken effective minutes of a meeting:

Prior to the Meeting

  • Select a tool for recording. You can choose an old school with a pen and paper. You also have the higher option of using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. Check with the bosses to see what they prefer when it comes to the recording method. 
  • Ensure that the tool of choice can work properly. If you have a backup if the original one fails, the better. For instance, if you will be using a laptop, having a paper beside you will be handy. You would not want to pause the meeting just because your computer crashes in the middle of it. When the original recording method fails, make sure you continue the recording using any other medium. 
  • Do not forget to read the agenda of the meeting prior to the meeting. It’s going to let you formulate the best outline with the minutes. Make sure you leave space below every single item so you will be able to record the notes there. If you do so, you will make your job in taking the minutes a bit easier just as long as the meeting sticks to the set agenda. 

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During the Meeting

  • Pass around the attendance sheet while making sure each attendee of the meeting signs in. You’ll want to include the list of meeting attendees in your official copy of the minutes of the meeting. 
  • Ensure you know everyone that is attending the meeting. This way, you’ll identify who’s speaking as you would have to record the information accurately in the minutes. 
  • Take note of the time in which the meeting starts. 
  • Take note of the motions in the meeting as well as those that made them. Of course, results of the voting are to be recorded, in there’s any. There is no need for you to write down all those that second a motion. The rules of an organization can differ from another so we would suggest you verify the rules first with the administration. 
  • Remember that there is no need for you to take down every comment that is made in the meeting. It’s okay for you to include the main information only. Make sure you are taking precautions when leaving out items, especially to the ones that you don’t necessarily agree with. Your bias should not be an influencing factor in the taking of minutes of meeting. You need to remember this as minutes are official accounts and not the opinion of the one taking them. 
  • If votes on a discussion or motion are deferred to the meeting, you need to jot down this specific information. 
  • The time the meeting ended has to be recorded as well. 

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Following the Meeting 

  • Type up the meeting minutes ASAP or after the meeting as that can ensure everything is fresh and accurate in your mind. When there are mistakes in your meeting notes or you’re unsure of certain aspects, you’ll be able to clear it up instantly by going to the attendees and address your questions. 
  • With the minutes’ financial copy, don’t forget to add the department title, name of the organization, its purpose, and type of meeting that occurred e.g. special, yearly, etc. 
  • Submit the minutes to the one that ran the meeting unless you are told to do otherwise. 
  • Proofread the minutes that you have taken down prior to submitting them. You can also ask another person who attended the meeting to take a look at the minutes so they can inform you when you have missed something accidentally. 

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