Quick Guide to preparing the minutes of a meeting in Dubai

Preparing the minutes of a meeting in Dubai

The minutes of a meeting are complete details of a meeting and they serve as an official record for a conference or a meeting. The person who is in charge of the meeting may ask one of the participants to take the minutes of the meeting. While taking the minutes of the meeting may not seem to be a difficult job, one must be very precise and accurate in taking down the minutes as these points contain crucial data related to the meetings and conferences. Accuracy is the most important thing to be considered when creating the minutes of a meeting in Sharjah as they are the official records of all sorts of meetings that are happening. They are the written form of the meetings that have happened in the past. When the minutes of the meeting are gone through, the person who has written the meeting minutes would be referred to for any clarifications and understandings, if needed.

So, if you are a business owner in the UAE, or running a company in Dubai, you need an expert in writing the meeting minutes. In this article, we will help you in knowing the fine details and skills needed to write a perfect meeting minute and we will also guide you through how to get the minutes of the meeting attested by the Notary Public Dubai.

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Guiding your way through the preparation of minutes of a meeting in the UAE

The procedure of writing the minutes of a meeting in the UAE has been divided into 3 stages. These 3 stages are before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting has been concluded. Let’s discuss them one by one here.

1. Before the meeting- once a meeting is scheduled, once the record keeper is aware of it, he/she must prepare to take the points. He should be well prepared for the meeting as he is the one who has to keep the points accurate as detailed as possible. Therefore, he must keep the following points in mind before the meeting starts.

  • Tools that would be required for recording- the tools for recording the crucial points of a meeting can be a simple pen and paper or may also be recorded on a notebook, mobile, or laptop. The preference for the same depends on the business owner as well as the recorder.
  • Checking the working condition of the recorder- be it the pen and the notebook or the laptop, mobile, etc. one must ensure that they are working properly before the meeting. This ensures that there is no problem being encountered at the time of the meeting in noting down the minutes. One must also keep a backup of the recorder, in case the original one fails. For instance, keeping a paper and a pen handy, in a situation where the laptop fails is a smart way of ensuring things are in place during the meeting. If in case, a recording has failed or stopped in between, one must be prepared to continue the recording on another device.
  • The recorder must read the agenda of the meeting before the meeting. This gives the recorder the best outline for the minutes. All the points should be left with space below to add on anything extra as and when required. This eases out the notes-taking process as long as the meeting is following the agenda for which it had been called.

2. In the meeting- once the meeting starts, the recorder must pay attention to what is being discussed and must also be noting all the crucial points. The following points must be kept in mind during the meeting.

  • The attendance sheet must be passed around and all the present attendees must sign it. The list of attendees needs to be added to the final minutes of the meeting being submitted.
  • The recorder must be familiar with all the meeting attendees. This ensures that the recorder understands who is speaking what and hence it would be easy for him to write the minutes.
  • The meeting start time must also be recorded.
  • All the motions of the meeting and polls must be recorded. The rules vary from one organization to another. Therefore, one must be familiar with the rules and must confirm the same from the administration.
  • Only the main information and the crucial ones are to be noted. One should be careful when leaving out the information if they consider it unnecessary. In case the recorder is not agreeing to any point, he should be careful. The bias should not be reflected in the minutes of the meeting as the meeting minutes are official records.
  • The meeting end time must also be recorded.

3. After the meeting- once the meeting is over the final minutes of the meeting need to be prepared with proper formatting and must be submitted to the person in charge. The following points must be taken into consideration here.

  • The meeting minutes must be typed and written as soon as possible once the meeting ends. This is to ensure that all the information is written and nothing gets missed out. If doubts are there, one can approach the attendees then and there and get it cleared. This avoids any wrong information or any crucial information from being missed out.
  • The minute’s financial copy must contain the organization name, department name, purpose, and type of the meeting.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the minutes of the meeting must be submitted to the one who held the meeting.
  • The minutes of the meeting must be proof-read before submitting it. One of the attendees’ help can be taken here to check if any information has been missed out or has been misrepresented by any chance.

In the UAE, the minutes of the meeting held by the business are crucial information. The same must be attested by the Notary Public Dubai to make it authenticated. If you have a question regarding how to form the minutes of the meeting in Dubai, call us today and we will be happy to assist you.