UAE Medical / Healthcare Power of Attorney: How to Preparing for a Health Emergency

Power of attorney documents allow for making arrangements with respect to financial and medical decisions. This is in cases where the situation calls for a representative in carrying them out on behalf of individuals and organizations. Creating both a financial and a medical power of attorney is regarded, in general, as a critical part of estate planning. 

In this article, we’ll focus more on a crucial advance directive, the medical or healthcare power of attorney. Read on! 

What’s a medical POA and how does it work? 

A medical or healthcare power of attorney in UAE designates an individual in making healthcare decisions for you whenever you don’t have the capacity in doing so. It’s advised that the person you select in making medical decisions for you is one that’s trustworthy and acts with your best interests in mind. The person that you appoint in making healthcare decisions for you when you can’t is referred to as the agent in the power of attorney. The person authorizing an agent is referred to as the principal in the legal document. 

Any competent adult may be appointed as the agent. A medical or healthcare POA may be needed for navigating a kind of long-term health crisis or temporarily. All kinds of power of attorney have to be notarized by a public notary in Dubai, or anywhere in UAE. A POA can also be revoked at any time. It’s possible to complete a brand-new medical POA to designate another agent. 

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How do I choose an agent for a healthcare POA?

A lot of people have very strong feelings with the degree and kind of medical treatments they want. For this reason, it is very important to consider carefully whom you will appoint. An agent, as mentioned earlier, should be someone that you expect will make decisions similar or exactly what you want for yourself. The person has to be of legal age and with whom you’ve already discussed your wishes or wants frankly. 

Note: an agent in a power of attorney for healthcare can be making an incredibly difficult choice with regards to the health and well-being of the principal. There are times wherein the agent has to make a decision to end the life of the principal by putting a stop on medical care. There are not a lot of people who are already prepared from the onset to have such responsibility.  

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What are the steps to create a healthcare power of attorney?

Creating or establishing a healthcare or medical power of attorney in Dubai can be an emotionally charged endeavor. Follow the steps we’ve listed below and make sure you go through them, including the notarization of the power of attorney in Dubai, UAE for the document to be legal and valid in the country. 

  1.  Consider if the document is necessary. When becoming incapacitated, a doctor will do all types of medical intervention in order to keep you well and alive. When you want more control with regards to the extent and type of treatments you receive, you’ll need a medical or healthcare POA. The document will let you designate someone in deciding on the issue on your behalf. 
  2. Evaluate who best to make as the agent.
    Trust is very important when authorizing someone and giving the person the ability to make decisions in relation to your health. Remember that a good agent is assertive as your agent may have to carry out what you want even when it is against the desires of other members of the family. The person has to be capable of communicating effectively, most especially whenever he or she is faced with resistance. 
  3.  Consult with a lawyer. 
    The one thing you should never do when creating a power of attorney for healthcare in UAE is to use a pre-made document that you find online. Not only is it generalized and not customized to your wishes, but it is also risky. 
  4. Undergo power of attorney notarization in UAE. 
    The notarization process is necessary to legalize your healthcare power of attorney. When you have drafted the power of attorney with the help of your attorney, take the document to a reputable notary public in Dubai. The signing must be done in the presence of the notary. 
  5. Send out copies of the document. 
    A lot of people will need access to the medical POA. This includes your primary doctor or care physician and all specialists that treat you regularly. Your lawyer will also have to retain a copy.

Without a medical or healthcare power of attorney established in UAE, the local courts will have to appoint someone for this role. This process can be very costly and time-consuming, which is why it’s best to sort this out in advance. 

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