What is Medical Power of Attorney and How to get?

The most neglected need is the one that’s made in anticipation for a disability or medical emergency. If you’re in an accident that leaves you unable in articulating your own desires (which may happen as well when suffering with disorders or diseases), medical power of attorney will be the document that allows you in choosing in advance the person(s) who will represent you and act for you with your best interests in mind. 

The person that you authorize will also be given the authority in imposing on the medical community restrictions which you may wish. For instance, you may want to make it very clear that the individual you choose in representing you isn’t authorized in overriding a ‘living will,’ which is an instrument that limits rights of doctors including hospitals in resuscitating you or utilizing invasive life support in order for you to remain alive. 

Most that engage in planning for their estate and properties in anticipation of disability obtain a financial POA and medical POA. A general financial POA will enable a person in naming a loved one or trusted friend in overseeing his or her finances while being unable or incapacitated. 

As for a medical Power of Attorney, it helps doctors determine the life-supporting measures that you would want to be stopped. Medical POAs have the responsibility in carrying out the authorizing person’s healthcare decisions. The person authorized (agent) won’t be able to make other decisions on the behalf of the person giving authorization (principal) unless both medical and financial POAs are granted onto the same individual. 

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When Does a Medical POA go into Effect?

A medical POA becomes immediately effective after it’s executed and delivered onto the agent. it’s effective indefinitely or until the termination date that is stated in the document. The document may also stop when it is revoked or when the principal becomes competent. 

When Does an Agent Have Right in Making Health-Related Decisions on the Behalf of the Principal?

An agent can make health-related decisions on behalf of the principal only when the principal is unable in communicating his or her own healthcare decisions. 

Can an Agent Make Healthcare Decisions that I Object?

No, any treatment will be withheld or given if you object. A POA for will limit the power of an agent, depending on the terms specified in the legal document. This is the reason why it is very important to have a power of attorney in UAE written only by experts with legal background, expertise and experience. 

 How Can you Revoke a Medical Power of Attorney?

You can revoke a power of attorney for medical purposes by providing the healthcare provider of the principal and the agent regarding the cancellation of POA in UAE. The notification may be done orally but it is always best to have it on writing. 

Is There a Need for me to Make a Medical POA?

There’s a chance in a person’s life for him/her to be seriously ill or injured. When you are unable to create decisions on your own, most especially regarding healthcare, then you would want to have someone helping you. This person should be the one that knows your values as well as one that you trust in making your decisions for you. You can appoint powers or authority to the person that you trust through a legal document such as a health care power of attorney. A medical POA is recognized not only by third parties, but also by government authorities. 

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Who Should I Choose as my Agent?

Your agent has to be the person that is knowledgeable regarding your values, beliefs, and wishes. The person should be the one that you trust fully and have confidence on. When your agent doesn’t know what to do in certain circumstances, decisions should be based on your best interests as the principal of the power of attorney. 

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Is it Possible to Have More than a Single Agent?

Although you’re not required in designating another agent as an alternative, you may still do so. An alternative agent will make the same exact health-related decisions for you as the person that was named as the primary agent to a health care power of attorney in UAE. The alternative agent may be able to act in behalf of the principal when the primary agent is unwilling or unable to act.

Take note: there may also be joint agents wherein two or more persons are named as agents and have to unanimously vote for every decision regarding your healthcare. 

There may be a lot more that you want to be clarified regarding the Healthcare power of attorney. Should you wish to speak to our experts specializing in POAs, contact us today!